Power House Detroit

PowerHouse Detroit

I’m still trying to understand the relationship between Detroit UnReal Estate Agency and Power House (and maybe they’re the same thing and there’s no other relationship to understand), but at any rate, the Power House project is an incredible idea. In short, “The house is to act as cultural catalyst and opportunity for cultural exchanges through workshops and residencies. It will also provide lessons in wind, solar, and sustainable strategies by implementing these systems and introducing them to the community.”

Basically, there’s a neighbourhood in Detroit that has been informally adopted as a site for this cultural catalyst. Many homes in the area have been foreclosed or set on fire, or both. Empty lots are going for $500, while homes are going for $2000. So, the Power House group proposes to purchase these lots and homes and flip the area fromĀ a drain on the tax base, bank holdings, and the local economics to a community asset.

I think this could be an excellent group to connect with.

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  1. Power House (Detroit) and Detroit UnReal Estate Agency are two separate projects in Detroit. As I see it one is seeking to read the situation of the city in terms of a post-capitalist revaluation; the other is a more localized attempt at inhabiting and animating a specific zone of the city.
    Hopefully we’ll have at least a few sustained projects on this side of the river shortly, and ideally a better network with the Detroit folks.

  2. Hi Lee,
    thanks for clearing up that distinction… I’m very excited at the thought of creating some sustained projects, and at the very least start creating a better network with projects like those in the north.

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