ROA’s Giant Animal Lanticular

I recently stumbled upon a really neat post by Wooster Collective that featured work by Roa. This piece was found in London, England on a warehouse building with very interesting dimensions.  The picture changes when it is viewed from a different angle.     I haven’t heard of his work prior, so when I dug  a little deeper, I found out that he’s been painting all sorts of animals on buildings and walls around Europe. I think it’s a very cute concept, especially because his paintings of wildlife are specifically found in urban settings.  Something as noticeable as this would be really fun to see on some of the bland buildings around the city, don’t you think?

There are more photos of Roa’s work under the cut.

The two different views of Roa’s lanticular of a rabbit, on Curtain Street. These were taken from his public Flikr gallery.

Another piece in London, convieniently on Bacon Street.

5 Replies to “ROA’s Giant Animal Lanticular”

  1. I love animal-based work, so I am SOLD. I remember doing a dual image/accordion project in grade school and I miss it.

    1. It would be so great to see some more surfaces in the city handed over to artists … and not necessarily just Windsor-based artists either. There are so many works in other cities by international artists, and given that we sit on this international border, it makes sense to me.

      What would it take to make a site map of all the best surfaces for work like this across the city? We need to start thinking about ways to make this city a more interesting place to live, don’t we??

      1. Yes we do!! I want to walk down the streets of the city and see some quirky paintings on those old buildings or even something just completely random anywhere, just to spark something! I want to spark some reaction into people here!

        1. Let’s do it then … at least a list / map of places best suited for a wide scale project like this, then we can make the case to the city that we need to invite our city’s artists and internationally-renowned artists to do projects here… or something like that.

          Maybe just a map with photographic references is the best first step.

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