Text in Knitted Tags

Text Knit Tag

At last night’s Media City screening, I ran into Samantha and Laura whose schedules unfortunately hadn’t been able to align with BCL’s Office Hours in the last couple of weeks. I asked about their progress with their yarn bombs, which have been installed in numerous locations in downtown Windsor, and are gradually covering the entirety of the bike racks outside of Phog.

I wondered about the potential of adding text to the tags, which could lead to a really large intervention / eventual collection of handmade scarves.

This could be an amazing project! Sam already posted her efforts from last night on her blog, and the results are really encouraging!!! I think this could be one of our next summer projects.

5 Replies to “Text in Knitted Tags”

  1. I had planned to write phog on the tag i’ve been working on too but it wasn’t long enough for the huge pole i wanted to wrap around. I’m working on another one now that I think I will put on my bike.

    1. ahh! i feel bad that i did this now, lol. i’m pretty sure you did tell me this plan too. i did not mean to subconsciously steal your idea D: next time i’ll write “Brad” or something equally meaningless : )

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