Text In-Transit: Call For Submissions

Text In-Transit: Call for Submissions

Text In-Transit is a Broken City Lab project where we’re partnering with Transit Windsor to install a number of text-based creative works amongst the ads in the headspace on buses. We’re looking for submissions of short statements, poems, and stories from anyone in the city that will help to change the conversation about Windsor!!!

*** Please send your submission(s) to info@brokencitylab.org by March 20, 2009.

We’ll be curating the submissions, so feel free to send more than one. As well, this project is made possible by Transit WindsorOPIRG, MYAC and The Arts Society at the University of Windsor.

12 Replies to “Text In-Transit: Call For Submissions”

    1. hi Mike,
      We’ll end up doing the layout of the text for the panels, so we’ll adjust the text-size as need be. Of course there will be limits to the amount of text we can pack onto one of those, but I’m not entirely sure what those limits are yet. So plain text in an email is fine.

      1. Ah okay..
        I didn’t know you just wanted text to style.

        If we knew the dimensions, or at least the aspect ratio of the panels… we could do illustrations, photography, etc. for the panels. I do think it’s a neat idea, and I’m still brainstorming what to do, but I’d like it to be more than just text… but if text is what you are going for, then that’s cool!

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