The LED Sign is Finished!!!

MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, the LED sign is finished!

It’s taken a number of weeks, but we finished wiring the LED sign at tonight’s Office Hours! It was a pretty incredible moment to plug in the sign, turn off the lights, and realize that we made this come together. I’m really, really, really happy with how it turned out!!! There are still a few more things we need to do before this project is completely done, and I would like to try it on batteries, but now that we know how bright it is, I think we’ll come up with some more LED projects soon.

Mike and Darren soldering

Mike and Darren set to replacing the dead LEDs and starting on wiring the positive lead for the sign. There’s also a new blender from Mike!

Cristina and Michelle

Cristina, Michelle, and I started to figure out some more details for the upcoming show at Lebel, including a use for that blender.

Mike and Darren finishing up the soldering

Mike and Darren working carefully.

Justin at the computer

After some thorough discussion and brainstorming with Cristina and Michelle, I went back through the notes to try to make a to-do list … lots of things to get together in the coming weeks.

Michelle and Darren put on the finishing touches

Mike had to leave before the sign was finished, so Michelle and Darren took over putting the final touches on the wiring.

Cristina photographing Darren and Michelle

Cristina documenting the action.

finalizing the wiring

We successfully lit up half the sign, but had to do some final touch-ups. The soldering is fairly delicate given the thin wires connecting the LEDs. We’ll have to make a brace for the back of the sign.

almost done!

Michelle started to lift up the sign, but again the wiring was a bit finicky.

it's working!, the LED sign lights up

A little adjustment and the sign lit up!

MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, the sign lit up

The sign successfully lit up! We still have to reinforce the sign somehow and we want to try some diffused plexiglass in front of the LEDs, as Steven had suggested back when we started this, but it feels pretty awesome to see it basically finished.

8 Replies to “The LED Sign is Finished!!!”

  1. It looks fantastic! I must say – now you’ve got me thinking LED. A simple frame around the sign would give it some structural integrity as well as holding in place that frosted bit o’ plexiglass you desire.


    1. Thanks Chris, we’ll happily lend out our (limited) LED knowledge anytime. Also, thanks for stopping by last night, sorry I got in so late, but come back anytime!!!

  2. circuit boards are always rigid so soon as you can make that plexi rigid it would help a lot since it will continue to break solder connections. constantly now since the soldering we did last night is SO delicate. so i hope you can figure something out. even building a wooden frame for it out of a strong hardwood, but thin like a picture frame width, and attach it to the plexi really well. once that is done then i will re-solder the loose connections one last time.

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