OPENED/UP: a Walk on November 30th

OPENED UP: A walk through lost, forgotten, vacant, and underused spaces.

For an hour and a half after work on Tuesday, November 30, we’ll be walking around downtown Windsor and getting access to a variety of closed / vacant / underused spaces. Justin Langlois will be guiding it with Tom Lucier and we’re hoping to have a lot of ambitious and excited people out with us. City-owned buildings, privately held storefronts, and cavernous bingo halls are all a part of our route, and you’re invited to join us in imagining a different downtown for our city — one with ample, affordable, and exciting spaces for artists, performers, musicians, and other creative-minded folks. We want to start a real conversation about what it would take to get these spaces filled with people who need them. We want to help give people a reason to be excited about being a practicing artist in this city again. We know that finding space needs to be at the top of that list, and we want to help.

This walk has been organized as part of the Artscape Creative Placemaking workshop being held on December 1st. Artscape, if you’re not already familiar with their work, has brought together and led numerous partners and stakeholders to realize massive studio and live/work retrofits of a variety of underused spaces in Toronto and figured out ways to make spaces for artists not only affordable, but integral to the surrounding neighbourhoods and economies. This walk has been something on our to-do list for a while and Artscape’s workshop just gave us the perfect excuse to do it.

Meet us at Phog Lounge at 5pm sharp. We’ll wind our way through the downtown core and head back to Phog for some food, drinks, and lots of conversation. We really want you to be there, let us know if you have any questions.

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  1. There are certainly a lot of opportunities in Windsor for these types of creative spaces, and it’s very nice to see people getting out and discovering them!

    Is Artscape’s involvement in this related to their interest in Windsor realestate?

    If so, I wonder if any other “artists, performers, musicians, and other creative-minded folks” are skeptical about the idea of selling away pieces of Windsor to this Toronto company so Windsorites can rent back a prepackaged version of what an artist’s space should look like.

    Hopefully this will be covered in the conversation. Maybe someone can ask them to respond to this too..


    1. My mistake: the lofts I linked to are just part of the same development, but not Artscape’s specifically (although they look the same). They do look nicer decorated, and I guess you can’t expect much for only a quarter million dollars in Toronto. :)

      It’s nice to see that Artscape spaces can be owned and that they don’t allow subletting. Regardless, hopefully -someone- turns these empty Windsor buildings into something… Good luck with the walk!


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