Nicole Dextras’ Ice Typography

Since we’re on the cusp of real winter here in Windsor, I thought I’d share this project by fellow Canadian artist Nicole Dextras. Besides admiring her gorgeous series of photographs, we might be able to learn from her method of construction. She seems to make molds into which water is poured and frozen. Imagine if we used the 3D ‘R’ prototype we made for CAFKA for this!

via: Designboom

Here is an image showing her process of creating such large ice letters.

6 Replies to “Nicole Dextras’ Ice Typography”

  1. Very cool, she’s got a great website, and the detail of her “winter ice typography” is just awesome!
    Great ephemeral piece. Makes me immediately think of Harbourfront Toronto (especially with the picture).

  2. I was just thinking today about how much I missed your posts over the break!

    Nice find, those plywood templates for the big ice letters is insane. It would be fun to play with ice/snow again if winter sets in. Reminds me of this and this a little bit.

    1. haha Sorry for the absence! Glad you noticed though. We should play with some snow again. We could work with Save a City as a starting point. That was a fun thought process.

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