Snow, LEDs, Flights, Fill-in-the-blanks, Proofs, and Postcards

Meeting twice in a week is awesome. I can’t say that enough. So much time makes us way more productive and makes it a lot easier to be OK with not having everyone there all the time.

First on the list, doing some really, really quick tests of the potential of embedding LEDs in ice or snow. We know, it’ll probably kill the battery and potentially the LEDs themselves, but we have some ideas that might make that worthwhile.

I actually remembered to bring some leftover LEDs and batteries from the MAKE THINGS HAPPEN sign, and Michelle immediately went out and made a snowball to put the LEDs into.

The LEDs survived being momentarily embedded in snow, so it passed the first test.

The next test will have these in the freezer, and I’m sure by the time we look at them again, the batteries will be dead.

Other things… we’re heading south in February to get inspired at CreateHere!!!!!

Cristina brought coffee — yes!!!!

Going over our agenda and getting things done. Top of the list is the proposal for Open Engagement.

Cristina went over what she and Rosina came up with on Friday … and also looked up pictures of Portland, it’s beautiful.

Windsor and Detroit aren’t much further apart than the two sides of Portland … would be interesting to compare “neighbourhoods.”

Josh making a to-do list … he’s so organized, it’s ridiculous.

Michelle checking the Wave, looking at some info on the upcoming exhibition at Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Public Realm, which we’re participating in (more details soon).

For that exhibition, we’re asking people for their ideas on public space, private space, urban experiences, infrastructure, etc. I’ll make this into a form very soon, or if you’re so inclined, you could fill in the blanks in the comments below.

So, I forgot to take even one Save the City postcard home, so here are some shots of the proofs that Josh took yesterday.

They look great, we’re happy, now it’s time to send them out into the world!!! If you see one, pick it up, we’ll be printing a new postcard for each event over the coming months.

6 Replies to “Snow, LEDs, Flights, Fill-in-the-blanks, Proofs, and Postcards”

  1. Justin!
    We need to talk about the comparing “neighbourhoods”.

    Very strange.. since shooting the windsor doc, many themes in the film are coming to life
    i.e a couple examples:
    -Tom and BCL blog posts about talent in windsor
    -This post on portlands proximity to the states

    I have found a strong interest in border studies/culture… its always been here so i’m just scratching the surface.

    1. Yes, we should talk soon Eric. Anxious to see the documentary, and I think there’s a lot of room to continue this ongoing conversation about neighbourhoods and what they can do and what they really do… especially in a border zone.

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