Getting things done!

The Eco-House was bumpin’ Friday night!  Amongst a slew of other undergoing projects, Michelle, Rosina, Josh and I we’re all hard at work, trying to get everything organized for our upcoming event and final installment of Save The City that’s taking place this Friday at the Art Gallery of Windsor!

Rosina and I tackled the Save The City Micro Tool-Kits that will also be distributed THIS Friday night.  We did everything from editing the recipes, to creating a layout, to drawing little doodles, and we’re very excited to share them with you!  While Rosina and I were busy working away on one end of the table, Josh and Michelle were just as busy on the other end organizing and creating a calendar and list of needs for all the SRSI participants.

Rosina working on some drawings for the STC Micro Tool-Kit.

Some of Rosina’s drawings.

Josh made this awesome calendar for the SRSI participants!

A legend for the calendar Josh created.

Semi-completed calendar.

Josh and Michelle working hard.

One of the mock-ups for the Micro Tool-Kit

My workspace.

Michelle reading over e-mails from the SRSI participants!

We all felt super accomplished once the night was over, so hopefully you’ll come and check out some of the work we’ve been doing this Friday, May 21st, 7pm at The Art Gallery of Windsor!

6 Replies to “Getting things done!”

  1. SOOOOOOOOO AMAZING! Wished we could’ve been there — Danielle and I can’t wait to see the tool kit! And that crazy SRSI calendar … so organized, I love it!

    Ok, I might suggest that in terms of WIFI, we look into the downtown BIA situation (in terms of range) and as a backup option, whatever Josh has at home with his Rogers wireless internet thing. Any more info on this Josh? Is it only possible with a contract or could we do it for a month? Next time someone is downtown with a laptop, could we swing by the spaces and test the range?

  2. Unfortunately I would bet that the Rogers Rocket Hub is only available with a contract. I think that Bell lets you rent modems though?

  3. I was thinking about the downtown BIA free internet as well. The range/quality seems to be pretty decent.

    I don’t think I’ll have time to go test it out with a laptop, with this new crazy job of mine, but someone should, just to be sure :)

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