Broken City Lab: Micro-Residencies

Broken City Lab: Micro-Residency

We’ll give you a place to stay and resources for 72 hours. You’ll help us fix the city.

For the last year, we’ve been working away on a number of initiatives that have come out of our very specific examinations of Windsor, Ontario. The ways in which we see, experience, and move through the city have defined our tactical investigations and have, by design, been based on our deeply embedded concerns about our city.

We’re now looking to expand our research and our understanding of our city by inviting other artists, designers, writers, curators, architects, filmmakers, philosophers, musicians, mathematicians, scientists, and students to come stay with us for 72 hours. We’re looking for collaborators who are generous, energetic, and interested in understanding Windsor. We’re not necessarily looking for completed ideas, but rather general concerns you would like to investigate and workshop over three days.

We can’t offer any money, but we can offer a bed.

We ¬†won’t do anything illegal, but we will give you our energy and ideas.

If you can get to Windsor, we can make this happen.

Should this opportunity interest you, please apply using the Micro-Residency Submission Form.

8 Replies to “Broken City Lab: Micro-Residencies”

  1. i’m extremely excited about the prospect of fulfilling a micro residency for bcl this autumn! however, in my zealous application i mis-typed my personal info, and have likely directed you to a blog that doesn’t exist or isn’t mine! the website with this reply is accurate, but e-mail is my ideal mode of communication. i hope my ideas aren’t compromised by my hasty posting of erroneous contact info!

    thanks for the awesome opportunity (for everyone),

    michelle wybenga

  2. a little (more) sumthin’ sumthin’ from (surely) your most prolific poster of corrective/superfluous information :) as per my micro-residency application, i wonder if/where i might submit an addendum/amendment – in the instance that here is as good a spot as any, i’d like to mention [1] that i realize 72 hours and my proposed 3,000 to 5,000 word performance piece vis a vis the writing project i’ve outlined does not shake down mathematically perfectly; i’d be polishing a pre-proposal already substantial in its scope and size…but not without all the sweat and tears that may make it fun to watch/more fun to enact :) thanks again for the shot :D

    1. Michelle, feel free just to send another email with Micro-Residency in the subject with any additional information you’d like to provide!

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