Getting Reacquainted with the Neighbourhood

I took a┬áleisurely┬ábike ride around the neighbourhood yesterday afternoon. It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to explore, to spend time paying attention to things. I basically wanted an update on the neighbourhood that Danielle and I had lived in a couple years ago.

The eastern edge of Sandwich is quieter than ever. Four blocks of houses (well at least one side of the street for four blocks) is boarded up, it’s beginning to feel like it will be a very long time before that situation is sorted out between the city and the bridge company.

In the meantime, the vacancies and the strange empty spaces created by that situation are increasingly curious. Those stairs need to be used in some kind of project.

Just around the corner, this apartment building remains vacant as well. I’m not sure if this building is under the same political pressures as the houses on Indian Road — it may have been a fire that shut this place down, if my memory serves me correctly.

There are so many spaces like this around — corners, edges, boundaries — spaces that aren’t really used anyways. Why don’t we make something to use this space? Or, why don’t we start a Sunday afternoon parking lot reuse league — maybe we could ask all those fellows that play cricket in the parking lots around the University’s main campus to show us how to play?

Along Huron Church, across from LeBel, some flowers grow. I’d like to think that some of these came from one of the projects last sumer, though I can’t say for sure.

Down the way, there’s a lot more flowers that came up from the University’s efforts to plant wildflowers,

I really, really, really like how this looks.

If only it could be spread throughout the city like this.

And finally, a trip to the Ecohouse to pick up a few things … some leftover notes from the other night.

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  1. I was able to go for my usual ride to the end of Russell in the west end, thanks to the humidity finally going down a bit. It’s been a terrible summer for cycling. Last year was so much better. People continue to dump their trash on the edges of Russell sadly. I still prefer to ride to the end of Russell though since it’s quite peaceful as I follow along the river from the east end. Still missing our riverfront trail on the east end too, but it should be free from construction next summer.

    I planted one of my sunflower seeds harvested last summer from my plants. I decided on only one since I just have my balcony and if I plant more than one in a pot their height suffers. They get quite thirsty too so I’m not sure how they would do on their own in the city. The one in my planter is about 8 or 9 feet tall now and growing it’s large flower head. I should have a lot more seeds to harvest at the end of the summer. I still have a whole bowl full from last summer too. But I’m still not sure where to plant them in the city since they do need some care.

  2. you know, looking at the stairs i thought a lenticular type thing would be kind of cool to see. Perhaps a two-sided message of some sort, one on the top of each step and the other on the sides. Just a thought.

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