Michelle installing YOU ARE AMAZING

We got up early and headed down to the EC Row pedestrian overpass between the Dominion and Huron Church exits to install YOU ARE AMAZING! It’s hard to describe what it felt like to do this—taking on this project gave us all a genuine excitement about participating in changing a part of Windsor and the way we interact with it, even if it’s just for a moment. Windsor needs a lot of things, but I think maybe most importantly, it needs a little encouragement.

There was a lot of great documentation, with many photos after the jump, and a video on the way.

the plan, mockup, and directions

I made a quick plan, mockup, and directions to hand out to everyone to try to make the process a quick as possible.

heading up the ramp

We got to the site right on schedule. Darren, Cristina, and Mike documented, while Michelle, Danielle, Josh, Immony, and I set up to do the install.

everyone a work

We had previously measured out the correct length of flagging tape for each letter, which made everything move nice and fast.

staring the letters

Everyone was assigned 2 or 3 letters. 


I think we were all surprised that it was as easy as it was. Having tried to do this in the cold previously, working in the sunlight on an incredibly beautiful day made the process that much better.

it went fast

Danielle, Michelle, and Josh take on the ARE word.

The process involved tying a knot to start, then basically just wrapping the flagging tape around the chain link fence for the corners of the letters. You can find the flagging tape at Canadian Tire for $5.19/300′.


installing the flagging tape over EC Row

install process

flagging tape in the fence

Danielle working with a pile of flagging tape

the BCL team installing YOU ARE AMAZING

Michelle concentrates on tying knots

Danielle worked fast

Mike took video of the entire process

I finished with the exclamation point



the end of amazing

the end of the text

finishing up

YOU ARE AMAZING! as finally installed. We’ll be taking it all down on Thursday, but hopefully it holds up through the rain on Wednesday.

Cristina photographing

Cristina getting some final photos of BCL post-install.

Broken City Lab

Broken City Lab, right after the install—it was an awesome experience.

celebratory jump

And for good measure, a celebratory team jump! I’m really happy we got this project up, and the response has been way beyond what we expected!!!  I can’t wait for the next project, it’s going to be a big one—stay tuned.

12 Replies to “Installing YOU ARE AMAZING”

  1. Because we have such skilled amazing photographers in BCL, Mike, Cristina, and Darren we have these great photos encapsulating the whole experience.

    At some point as Justin and I looked through all the photos yesterday, we saw one with a police cruiser just under the overpass.

    We should post it.

    1. Yeah, I heard this morning that it was taken down … we had planned on taking it down first thing tomorrow morning, but someone beat us to it!

  2. I just want to thank you guys at Broken City Lab for helping to transform Windsor into a great place to be. Now is the time for people in Windsor to stand up and help rebuild our community. I’m not actually from Windsor but have been living here for the past four years for school and until this year I didn’t really understand why I was still here. Well now I do, it’s because there is something quite special about Windsor. Something that many places lack and that is the people. And maybe it hasn’t always been apparent but right now people in Windsor are ready to act! They are coming out from all places and putting their heads together in order to make this city “the place to be,” through initiatives such as Broken City Lab, Green Corridor, Fed-up, and many more. A bunch of friends of mine whom are not connected to any group other than being residence of Windsor, decided on tuesday to get people together and pick up garbage along the riverside. They walked from Parent St. to the Casino and collected 12 full bags of garbage. Thanks guys for helping to re-build our community! :)

  3. I drove by it…nice to see a group of people that are trying to change this city for the better :)

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