PreFab Parks for Park(ing) Day


Every year in New York, parking spots are taken over by people wanting to transform urban space into something more useable than concrete boxed in by painted lines under the banner of, Park(ing) Day. The even was originally imaged by San Fransisco’s Rebar, an interdisciplinary studio operating at the intersection of art, design and activism. The “small, functional, vibrant” parks that are part of Park(ing) Day each have a theme and are nearly all temporarily turfed with sod.

In the video, there’s a number of interviews highlighting people taking on the initiative for fun or for politics, but nearly all want to suggest the potential for rethinking the many, many, many parking spaces used by a single car at a time.

This certainly works given the sheer number of people in a city like New York, but if there was one parking spot in Windsor that you’d take over for a day, where would it be?

[via Worldchanging]

One Reply to “PreFab Parks for Park(ing) Day”

  1. I love this idea. I’ll call dibs on the spot right in front of the Pour House on Chatham St. I can set up some lawn chairs, maybe an umbrella, and enjoy the atmosphere over a fine ale. At the same time, it may help city council to look again at their decision regarding making these spots part of the patio extension.

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