SRSI, Day 16 & 17 : Collaboration

The weekend brought all of the artists together to collaborate on each other’s projects. The Imagination Lab engaged lots of young creative minds, and Thom Provost began work on his installation.

Imagination Lab had open workshops for kids today. The amazing array of supplies and ingredients made for a fun and yummy smelling time in the back of 424 Pelissier on Sunday.

There were a lot of lentils, spices and other food items and also paints, paper, string and scissors available for free to use.

The Department of Unusual Certainties have been brainstorming and reading (none of these books.)

The walls of the back of 424 are looking quite like the walls of the Ecohouse with stream of consciousness notes written in sharpie.  Reading notes are turned into points of reference for the Storefront Success Stories.

Another fun and effective brainstorming technique that these boys use is pass the tape ball.

Leesa came in with some cherries that she picked from a vacant house on Indian road as a separate tactic alongside her postcard project.

These cherries were so sour and tasty. This concept overlaps with Julie’s interview with Daragh and me in the alley picking mulberries, and Andrea’s Forgotten Flowers Found tactic. .

The idea of harvesting plants found on abandoned properties seems to be a key point of interest within the city for  multiple projects occurring during SRSI responding directly to the conditions of Windsor where there are so many vacant houses.

Leesa took some awesome documentation of her process of picking cherries off of this very fruitful tree. We used the berries to make cherry pies with Merry Ellen later on in the day. The collaboration between Leesa and Merry Ellen for this weekend’s cherry pies is refreshing and uplifting to see occuring naturally during SRSI.

Leesa’s postcards to Indian Road project is sparking lots of interest from drop-in visitors who are asking questions about the Indian Road situation and also writing personal sentiments of nostalgia, anger and sadness with regards to the street full of ghost houses.

Thom Provost has begun settling up his installation which shows work-in-progress plans for a Detroit River floating pedestrian park.

He is testing the feasibility of using plastic bottles as a base for the floating park. The idea of using the interior of the bottles as a type of time capsule to preserve objects is very intriguing.

Thom is using 3D imaging software to produce models of his creation which will be projected in 406 Pelissier until July 1.

Using screen shots of Google Maps and Street View of Windsor, Thom has also created a database of images of the city from the CUPE strike of last summer. He will also be projecting areas of interest during his residency.

Thom also spent some time writing a postcard to Indian Road.

Robin Fitzsimmons arrived from Toronto to start her performance piece. She will be researching and training on how to gamble in the space, then betting her money at the end of her residency on Friday.

Thea Jones’s window display had some really great small details that gave it a personal touch reflecting the artist.

Her installation was really about her own interpretation of Windsor upon her arrival, so it had a slightly industrial aspect but also a really soft, feminine feel as well.

She took down her display on Sunday, salvaging this blue sheet to be used as streamers for Lea’s Garden Party on Wednesday at 7pm, just as Andrea had donated her banners previously for Thea to use. I like how this space seems to also have some object remain in it or carry forward after it’s temporary owner has left.

Seeing a whole group of participants collaborating to clean up Thea’s space was amazing.

More helping hands were around when Merry Ellen made cherry pies Sunday.

Here is Terre Chartrand helping mix the crust and also chatting it up with Merry Ellen.

Jodi and Leesa hung out for more good conversation and a few portraits.

The local organic cherries from Indian Road were so tart and Merry Ellen’s crust is to die for!

We had some vanilla ice cream donated to the cause. It just completed the treat one hundred percent. Eating pie with some amazing people is a great way to finish off the weekend!

This project is generously supported by the City of Windsor: Cultural Affairs OfficeArts Council Windsor & RegionWindsor Pride, and the Ontario Arts Council.

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    1. Epic post. Wow!!! I love all of the spontaneous collaboration that seems to crop up at SRSI … everyone is so generous, it’s so good.

      Looking forward to Lea’s Garden Party tomorrow night!

  1. Looks like lots of creativity and pie as exchanged. Any pie left? Keep building up the imagination, it’s what keeps us growing as a human race.

  2. Well taken!!

    Great post Michelle-ultra informative.

    Very excited for the garden party tonight!! I am sure we will have a fantastic turn out!

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