Urban Camping

urban camping

Architecture firm, Import Export, came up with a structure specifically designed for urban camping. The mobile architecture is meant to be dropped into urban spaces to provide new opportunities for for overnight city experiences.

There are a lot more photos that do the project better justice.

Long ago, we talked about urban camping, but we certainly never discussed this level of infrastructure. Maybe this project is slightly more realistic than the way I’m imagining urban camping in Windsor, but it’d be a shame if no one utilized any of the newly created acquired naturalized areas across the city for a makeshift campsite.

[via rebel:art]

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  1. it’s funny how you mention this. dan and i were riding our bikes down riverside drive the other day and i was marveling at all of the houses and lots for sale. basically every third house is for sale, and this is supposed to be the more upscale part of the city. i asked him if it was allowed (legal?) to buy a lot and just camp on it. i’ve never considered camping quite like what’s illustrated in this post, though.

    1. That would be pretty amazing to buy up some of that prime real estate and put it to some creative use. At the very least, you could probably do some roof camping!!

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