1. There used to be slumber parties at Lebel, back when we were allowed to have couches in our studios and at the hallway crossroads. It would be fun to have one at Artcite, opening up the possibility of casual drop-in slumberers.

    • I think we should tie in the Symposium and Slumber Party… or at least have a slumber party as part of the symposium. Other location ideas?

  2. glad the stitched image came out well. i’m all for the slumber party too, but not at artcite ! lol. please oh please not there…

    even for all the snow we got last night, it was good to see so many people show up at the meeting.

  3. Amy Friend had a 24 Hour Gallery event that went into the night last year and it actually worked out great! I don’t think I slept a wink and I got a lot of work done for the 24×24 show that was put up the next day!

    • That’s right! I forgot about that… I didn’t stay the night, but we showed up pretty late and there were quite a few people there—and that turned out to be a pretty good show!

      Good call though, I think the slumber party would have to be tied into an exhibition somehow.

  4. Steven mentioned Graham Coreil-Allen last night when the idea of parades came up…

    Here’s a video of (one of) his parade(s)… around the 6 minute mark, there is suddenly a bunch of other people joining in behind their float.

    And I can only assume most have already seen this, but in case you haven’t… check out Pierre Huyghe’s Streamside Day.

  5. These ideas are brilliant.
    I love them
    Fake parking tickets?! Amazing…
    Something people will think is negative, and then surprise them with a positive…like someone driving a Prius. Give them a ticket for conscious-driving. Ha!

    You guys are brilliant.

  6. […] Long ago, we talked about urban camping, but we certainly never discussed this level of infrastructure. Maybe this project is slightly more realistic than the way I’m imagining urban camping in Windsor, but it’d be a shame if no one utilized any of the newly created acquired naturalized areas across the city for a makeshift campsite. […]

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