Mid-Week Work Period

Yesterday a group of us met at the School of Visual Arts building to work on completing the sub-projects which will appear in our How to Forget the Border Completely publication. It is exciting to see our ideas come to fruition and our publication take shape. We are now at the stage of roughly laying out the publication and seeing how our individual works get along with each other.

Pictured above: Sara and Hiba work on laying out the HFBC publication in InDesign.

First we came up with a game-plan for our time together. Fortunately we had Marshall McLuhan’s watchful eye to help keep us focused.

I decided to work on the border customer service list/presentation Hiba and I started a couple weeks ago. We opted to have two separate lists: one aimed at the border guards and one aimed at the people hoping to cross.

Kevin works on a line drawing of the abyss that could exist between the Windsor-Detroit border.

Michelle works on stitching Google Maps images of our target area for use in the HFBC roster of projects.