SRSI, Day 6: Arrival of Department of Unusual Certainties, Playing Badminton Games

We had a very productive day over here on Pelissier Street. Chris Pandolfi joined Simon Rabynuik to form the Department of Unusual Certainties and began setting up shop in 410. Jodi Green’s knitting machine was in motion for most of the day, and Andrea Carvalho arranged a game of Badminton on Eric Cheung’s interior sod.

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SRSI, Day 3: Quiet Sunday, but things were still happening

It was a bit of a quiet Sunday, but things were still happening down at SRSI. In particular, Julie and Jefferson were hard at work all day, preparing their project, “The Peoples Museum & Fabulations de Windsor.” Above, and in between visits from some neighbours and friends, Julie preps a large piece of paper for a stencil.

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Making Things Happen, Day 1

Day 1 in the gallery

Today was a great start to the Making Things Happen (For a Week Straight) show. We got the gallery basically put together, showing some of our existing projects and making it into a big studio of sorts. The major projects of the day were painting the title wall, getting a new adapter for our LED sign, and starting on some wire + newspaper baskets for what’s casually been dubbed as hanging seed bombs.

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Gallery Time-Lapse

This will be updated every few minutes automatically… might eventually move this to the sidebar… I’ll also put up the archives from the folder and the code to do this soon.

// show the 5 most recent files in a folder…

$dir = “/home/thelondo/public_html/brokencitylab/mike/_timelapse/timelapse-scaled/”;
chdir($dir );

$show = 1;

$files = glob( ‘*.{html,php,php4,txt,jpg}’, GLOB_BRACE );
usort( $files, create_function(‘$b, $a’, ‘return filemtime( $a ) – filemtime( $b );’) );

for ( $i = 0; $i < $show; ++$i )

echo “


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The Pink Fence

The Pink Fence in Detroit

PowerHouse over in Detroit has started a blog! This is great, as I had previously wondered about the timeline of their activities, being able to read a blog really helps to contextualize their progress. Rather than trying to recount the story behind this pink fence in my own words, I’ll give you a brief quote from their blog:

“Anyway one day I mixed up some pink paint and employed two neighborhood theives to help me paint the fence.  The house that the fence belongs to had gone vacant in another foreclosure and was slowly being taken apart.  My two painters were not  unlike many in the neighborhood that were taking advantage of the foreclosures, in fact they had taken advantage of this very house on occasion.  So I set them  up with brushes and rollers and paint and we went at it.” (pinkfence)

Head over to their blog, add it to your RSS reader, and keep an eye out, I think there’s going to be a lot of interesting things coming out of there.

Adam5100 Stencil Work

Adam5100 Stencil Painting (Untitled)

“Adam 5100 uses knowledge of printmaking and savvy ability with spray paint in his stencil work. Each stenciled piece represents hundreds of hours of meticulous work and a fine detail–the hallmark of his work. Much of it is based on influences of classic American photography, the freedom of modern and contemporary painting, and his own fast moving imagination.”

Check out a time-lapsed video of Adam creating one of his works: