Call for Submissions: The Neighborhood Time Exchange Residency in Philadelphia

PEC_basemap-yellow Very excited to finally be able to announce this -- it's been almost two years in the making and marks the launch of a brand new project and model for artist residency, which Justin will be curating.

The Neighborhood Time Exchange: West Philadelphia Artist Residency (Time Exchange) -€“ an initiative that will explore how embedded artistic practice can be a platform for social change -€“ is seeking artists for its inaugural round of residencies that will take place between January and October, 2015.

Time Exchange aims to create a novel residency structure in which for every hour artists spend working in their studio on their own projects, they will in turn provide an hour of volunteer effort and service back to the community. The program offers residencies lasting from one two three months, in newly-renovated storefront space at the intersection of a diverse array of communities in West Philadelphia, and will provide artists with free studio space, a monthly stipend, and basic tools and supplies. In exchange, artists will provide skill and time-based resources for the surrounding communities, working on civic projects identified by residents and community-based organizations.

Time Exchange offers an unparalleled opportunity for artists to explore the complex and necessary, if uncharted, role that responsible and accountable creative practice can play in a challenged and changing neighborhood. The residency will aim to create a framework through which the often-invisible resources of a neighborhood (the people, the history, and the experience of everyday life) can be understood as highly valuable components in revitalizing a neighborhood. By providing clear intersections and negotiations of time between community residents and visiting artists, Time Exchange will aim to cultivate a new dynamic and role for creativity and reciprocity in the revitalization of a neighborhood.

The collaborative project founders -€“ Broken City Labthe City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, and the People'€™s Emergency Center -€“ will offer curatorial and organizational support, as well as introductions to and opportunities for connection with neighborhood and community leaders. Additional details on the goals of the program, neighborhood, and residency structure can be found in the Application Form.

Deadline: October 24, 2014 | Download the Application Form:

Varying Proximities: A New Series of Works by Broken City Lab

[2014] Varying Proximities 1 For the past year or so, we've been working on a residency with Watershed+ in Calgary, Alberta. Watershed+ is a unique public art residency program that creates a climate of opportunity for water initiatives to build an emotional connection between people and Calgary's watershed. Our task was to embed ourselves within the Water Centre (and Calgary in general) and really take the time to explore what the watershed means to Calgarians and us as visitors. The Bow River and Elbow River are Calgary's main sources of water and during our residency we explored ideas inspired by their physical structure, social implications, and municipal infrastructure. We went on a number of tours and took hundreds of photographs, audio clips, and short videos. After months of brainstorming, meeting, and reconfiguring, we have produced a series of works called Varying Proximities. An exhibition of the project was generously hosted by Stride Art Gallery Association in Calgary and will remain on view until Saturday, August 2nd, 2014. [2014] Varying Proximities 6 Varying Proximities (Connecting to the Bow Hotline) 
“Hello. One moment as I connect you to the Bow River.” With this simple introduction, you are transported to the river’s edge and begin to experience the Bow’s rushing, gurgling, and babbling efforts to connect to you. Whether nearby or across the world, anyone can attempt to connect to the Bow, and begin to explore its wisdom, or its secrets, or its songs, creating a unique opportunity to explore proximity and access as fundamental components of our relationship to the Bow River.
[2014] Varying Proximities 5 The toll-free number to connect is 1-844-OUR-BOW-RIVER (1-844-687-2697) and the hotline will remain active for the foreseeable future. We installed a retro telephone at Stride Gallery to allow visitors to call the hotline. [2014] Varying Proximities 3 Varying Proximities (Bow-Inspired Hard Candy) 
What does the Bow River taste like? What colour is the water flowing through it? How does one savour the Bow? With the creation of Bow-Inspired Hard Candy, residents of Calgary can start to explore these questions through a fun and interactive public art work. Candies made from colour and flavour inspirations of the Bow allow residents to wonder about where the flavours and colours of the candies end and their own subjective experiences and memories of the Bow begin.
[2014] Varying Proximities 4 The installation consists of 10 jars, each filled with about 100 candies of a specific colour. Municipal water from the Bow River was used in the production of these hard candies. [2014] Varying Proximities 2 Varying Proximities (The Results of Searching for "The Bow River") 
In order to understand how images and ideas about the Bow River change over time, we produced a small booklet consisting of images pulled from a Google search of "The Bow River". This collection of halftone images suggests a moment in time and further explores the notion of "varying proximities" in terms of web search language. Copies are available in Stride Gallery and we encourage visitors to grab one from the two shelves mounted in the main gallery space before the exhibition ends on August 2nd.
[2014] Varying Proximities 8 Varying Proximities (Subtext: River Signs) 
Distributed along the Elbow and Bow Rivers and affixed to the stormwater outfall signs, Subtext: River Signs, will aim to engage the public to consider a number of questions about the rivers that have come to define the City of Calgary. Playfully asking a series of questions, Subtext: River Signs, will be installed on up to 100 posts for three months and encourage thousands of residents and visitors to think about the ways in which we collectively and individually experience the rivers and how these questions might cue new relations, memories, and stories of the Bow and Elbow.
[2014] Varying Proximities 9 Nearly 100 signs were installed in the second room of the gallery and demonstrate the breadth of the questions posed. Viewers are invited to ponder these questions and how they might relate them to their ideas about the river. [2014] Varying Proximities 7 The signs on display will be installed on posts around the Bow and Elbow Rivers this fall, so stay tuned for more updates!

The Best of Awards: A Celebration of Windsor Documented

A4525127 Earlier this month we held an event to celebrate both the closing of Civic Space--our storefront workspace project generously funded by The Ontario Trillium Foundation--and the people who make Windsor such a unique place to live. This project called upon the residents of Windsor to nominate someone they knew for a "Best of" award in any category they could think of. We dressed up Civic Space with balloons, paper lanterns, a red carpet, and as much gold as we could find and hosted an awards ceremony to hand out 57 trophies we made for the nominees. We had these trophies engraved with the title each person bestowed on their nominee and lined the walls with them. During the ceremony the trophies were handed out and those who made a nomination (and those who were nominated) had a chance to say a few words to the crowd. It was a memorable night for me and I hope everyone who came could say the same. Thanks to all who participated. Stay in touch! Below are a collection of photos taken at the event. All photographs by Arturo Herrera, 2014 A4525116A4525118A4525133 A4525158 A4525161 A4525166A4525169 A4525182 A4525184 A4525192 A4525203 A4525210 A4525212 A4525215 A4525217

SoVA Artist-in-Residence Speaker Series May 5th – 7th at Civic Space

SoVA (Web)

Artist-In-Residence Speaker Series (May 5th - 7th) CIVIC Space - 411 Pelissier Street, Windsor, Ontario

We're pleased to announce that we have a full week of events next week at CIVIC Space. Not only is The Best of Awards happening next Thursday, May 8th, but University of Windsor's School for Arts and Creative Innovation is holding a series of artist talks to introduce this year's group of artists-in-residence. From May 1st-31st, five artists will be accessing the school’s resources and facilities to cultivate new ideas through research, studio production, and exploration of regional arts and culture. Each resident will present their work in a FREE public lecture at the Artist-In-Residence Speaker Series, running from Monday, May 5th to Wednesday, May 7th.

Monday, May 5th - 5PM

Melanie Colosimo (Halifax, NS) Colosimo is an interdisciplinary artist whose work employs drawings, miniatures and stop-motion video to negotiate the space around the construction, creation and themes of transition and dislocation. She holds a BFA from Mount Alison University, and an MFA from the University of Windsor.

Tuesday, May 6th - 6PM

Candice Davies (Montreal, QC) Davies is a sculptor and installation artist whose practice aims to draw attention to layers of meaning within the gallery space, and questions existing assumptions about art objects by engaging the viewer in unexpected encounters. Through the subtle material transformation of everyday objects she investigates issues of interpretation, craft, value and function. Davies has recently completed her MFA at Concordia University. Tara Lynn MacDougall (Halifax, NS) MacDougall is an interdisciplinary artist who humorously examines what makes a “good painting”. By juxtaposing historical and contemporary painting references with automatic marks and gestures, she forms an array of new visual forms. MacDougall holds a BFA from NSCAD University, is a member of the Manual Training Collective, and on the Board at Eyelevel Gallery.

Wednesday, May 7th - 6PM

Aidan Cowling (Toronto, ON) Cowling works in a variety of media including, photo, installation, maps and web based projects. His work explores the intersection of queerness and materiality and attempts to uncover the landscapes and language of sexual liberation. Cowling holds a BA in Visual Studies and Art History from the University of Toronto. Christy Kunitzky (Toronto, ON) Kunitzky is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses various mediums to investigate obsession, the absurd, affect and gender. By regarding human action through an anthropological lens, she aims to examine the behaviours and ideas we consider to be normal in a different light. Kunitzky holds a BFA from OCAD and a BA in Gender Studies, Semiotic and Linguistic Anthropology from the University of Toronto. For more information please contact: Lucy Howe, Residency Program Coordinator School for Arts and Creative Innovation University of Windsor Click here for more information.

The Best of Awards: Join us Thursday, May 8th at 6pm!

The Best of Awards (May 8th)

Thursday, May 8th at 6pm - CIVIC Space (411 Pelissier Street, Windsor, Ontario)

First and foremost, we want to give a huge thanks to everyone who made a nomination for the Best of Awards and helped uncover the things that make Windsor such a unique place to live. Also, thank you so much for your patience. We had an unexpected delay sourcing some of the materials for the celebration, but things are back on track and we're holding The Best of Awards on Thursday, May 8th from 6pm - 10pm We hope that this change isn't prohibitive and you can make it; it's going to be a blast. All you have to do is bring the person you nominated along with you. Refreshments will be served and everyone who was nominated will receive a personalized award during the ceremony. If you weren't able to make a nomination, come along for the celebration anyways!  See you May 8th!

Flagged For Review: Projecting Forward (Wish List) Projections on the Burrard Bridge

IMG_3729 Above: Caitlin and Lois exchanging answers to a series of fill-in-the-blank questions We’re currently artists in residence at the Burrard Marina Field House, aka the Contemporary Art Gallery's Field House Studio and our work continues until the end of April. Our four month project, Flagged for Review is based on imagining the symbolic and lived potential of a city. We're wondering what we might expect from a city that could establish its policies, identity and politics around a range of challenging (or inspiring) values. This line of inquiry will inform our production a series of flags that will be installed in and around the Field House and throughout the city in the coming month(s). On Tuesday nights, we've been hosting an ongoing open house at the Field House Studio to run in parallel to the production aspect of the residency. We began on March 18th with interviews, followed by a night of intimate conversations on the values and challenges of collectivity, and then this week, a projection-workshop / performance. IMG_3739 We were incredibly happy to host such an incredibly generous group on Tuesday (huge thanks to Shaun, Caitlin, Jackie, Hiba, Kristen, Carmen, Camilla, Shaun, Heidi, Rebecca, Lois, and Caitlin)! We gathered to imagine what the future holds for the city and then create a series of short declarations to project onto the Burrard Bridge that animate our hopes, doubts and dreams for the short and long-term horizons of Vancouver. IMG_3741 Around the table, we asked everyone to pair up and go through this sheet together. IMG_3736 Heidi and Rebecca filling in the blanks we left. IMG_3735 Kristen, Caitlin, Jackie, Hiba, and Carmen sharing around the mega table. IMG_3734 We've also started doing some tests of some mini-flags that we're completing for the Canadian Art Foundation Gallery Hop Vancouver.  These will be a limited-edition set of flags (mini versions of the much larger ones we'll print later on this month) that will be available at the Contemporary Art Gallery as well as participating Hop galleries. IMG_3725 The sheets were mostly filled out as it started to get dark, which was great timing. We were going to translate these answers into short texts to project onto the Burrard Bridge. We went around the table and read the answers we had collected aloud. IMG_3761 Some things that Vancouver needs to hear... IMG_3759 Vancouver is ________________. IMG_3756 How do you affect this place? IMG_3755 Vancouver was ____________________. IMG_3754 I wish Vancouver would stop ____________________. IMG_3751 If I could tell Vancouver anything it would be ______________________. IMG_3750 In the future, I don't want Vancouver to be known as ________________________. IMG_3762 And then, we stared the projections. We used our trusty 5000 lumens Epson projector. IMG_3768 We didn't project every message or answer. IMG_3830 But we tried to capture the ones that seemed to be represent everyone's answers or sensibilities. IMG_3828 FREE TRANSIT. IMG_3827 MORE PUBLIC SPACE. IMG_3826 LOOSER LIQUOR LAWS. IMG_3824 I LOVE THE OCEAN MORE THAN THE PEOPLE. IMG_3823 STOP BEING SO RICH VS POOR. IMG_3822 Some of the crew out documenting. The other half of the group was inside staying warm. IMG_3821 I MAY NEVER LEAVE. IMG_3819 STOP PRACTICING THE TOILET THEORY. IMG_3816 GET REAL. IMG_3815 VANCOUVER WILL BE INCLUSIVE. IMG_3813 I LOVE THE SMELL OF CHINA TOWN. IMG_3811 NEVER CHANGE THE BACK ALLEYS. IMG_3810 YOUR SUSHI IS DELICIOUS. IMG_3809 YOU'RE REALLY GOOD AT SKATEPARKS. IMG_3808 MORE BUS ROUTES & TIMES. IMG_3807 VANCOUVER WILL BE THE FUTURE. IMG_3805 WAY MORE CARING. IMG_3803 MORE THAN A GOOD TIME. IMG_3802 MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING. IMG_3801 STOP DISPLACING COMMUNITIES. IMG_3800 FLEXIBLE FORGIVING. IMG_3798 THIS WILL NOT BE A LASTING RELATIONSHIP. IMG_3797 MORE SUPPORT STRUCTURES. IMG_3795 THE CITY IS NOT A FINANCIAL INVESTMENT. IMG_3794 AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR ALL. IMG_3792 HOME TO (THE) POOREST POSTAL CODE. IMG_3791 STOP TRYING TO BE SO PERFECT. IMG_3790 YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. IMG_3789 YOUNG, PROGRESSIVE, FRAGMENTED. IMG_3787 I'M LONELY. IMG_3786 MORE TIME THINKING ABOUT WHAT WE SHOULD BE. IMG_3785 BE GENTLE AS WE GROW. IMG_3782 HOW DO YOU AFFECT THIS PLACE? IMG_3777 STOP BEING PRE-OCCUPIED. IMG_3776 STOP DISABLING THE PEOPLE. HUGE THANKS again to Shaun, Caitlin, Jackie, Hiba, Kristen, Carmen, Camilla, Shaun, Heidi, Rebecca, Lois, and Caitlin for coming out. Next week, the fun continues! Tuesday, April 8: The Trouble is... 7-8:30pm (Burrard Marina Field House Studio, 1655 Whyte Avenue) Bring your questions, suspicions, and inspirations for art in public spaces to an open conversation on art as troublemaking and troublemaking as art. And for more info on the residency check here:

The Best of Awards


We know that a city is more than just buildings, roads, political decisions, pools, telephone poles, and parks. We know that it’s all of the little things that make this city great, or better yet, it’s all the little things that so many people we know do for us, knowingly or not, every day that make this city great. We think it’s long overdue that we help celebrate those people and we hope you’ll help us.

We want to have a big awards ceremony...really big actually. So, we’ll make the awards and host the party, all you have to do is find someone to nominate and show up to help us celebrate.

Here’s how it will work: You make a nomination below, we’ll mail you two invitations (one for you and one for the person you nominate), and then you both show up for our awards party on Thursday, May 8th, 2014 at 6:00PM.

**Don't forget: The nominator is responsible for bringing the nominee to collect their award.

Submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who made a nomination for The Best of Awards! We'll be in touch soon and see you on Thursday, May 8th at 6pm (CIVIC Space - 411 Pelissier Street, Windsor)

Mirror Fence by Alyson Shotz

mirror-2 American artist Alyson Shotz constructed this large-scale picket fence from strips of mirror and placed it in a natural setting as a sort of suggested barrier or delineation of space. The project was a commissioned installation for Storm King Art Center in New York. What intrigues me most is the variety of views that are possible with this installation. From some angles it almost completely disappears, leaving you with the sensation of a photograph with an obscure horizontal smear across the center (like below). via: Designboom mirror-4

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Participants at the end of this program will present their ideas and earn their "PHD".

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