No Experience Necessary: A Workshop Series by Momentum Film & Video Collective


No Experience Necessary – Experiments with Video: Hosted by Momentum Film & Video Collective Saturday, December 7th from 12-5pm – CIVIC Space (411 Pelissier Street, Windsor) This workshop, hosted by Windsor’s very own Momentum Film & Video Collective and happening at Broken City Lab’s CIVIC Space, will explore several historical and contemporary concepts and practices of […]

Neighbourhood Spaces Interview with STAG Executive Director John Elliott

Next in the Neighbourhood Spaces (NS) mini-doc series is an interview with John Elliott, Executive Director of Sandwich Teen Action Group (STAG) in Windsor, ON. In this video, John talks about his organization, the importance of face-to-face communication, and community partnerships. STAG is a community-based charitable organization in the west end of Windsor, providing programs and support for at-risk youth. […]

Nicole Lavelle & Sarah Baugh Discuss Their Plans at Civic Space

Late last week, two Portland artists–Nicole Lavelle & Sarah Baugh–arrived at CIVIC SPACE in a brown Volkswagen Westfalia camper van to spend a couple weeks exploring Windsor and eventually designing a Windsor Tour Guide publication. They took a few minutes yesterday evening to ask each other questions about what their collaborative project at CIVIC SPACE […]

Windsor is Forever: A Short Documentary

With Portland-based artist-in-residence, Jason Sturgill, we reframed his previous project, Art is Forever, as Windsor is Forever  – a community-driven art and tattoo project that gave Windsor residents an opportunity to make a permanent commitment to the city. Participants chose from a flash tattoo set created in collaboration with local artists and illustrators to receive as their free tattoos, which were […]

In Store: The Border

Another instalment of In Store, featuring Lee Rodney discussing her Border Bookmobile project, in the multi-part documentary that our exceptionally talented friend, Daragh Sankey, has been putting together. Here’s his notes on the latest: Ed. note: Hey, it’s been a while! I did a lot of overtime and also a freelance job and had to […]

In Store: Laura of Bell Payphone Labs

The series continues… with an introduction from Daragh’s site: There is a whole narrative to Bell Payphone Labs. Laura got into the lab coat for every installation she did, playing the role of the phone scientist. She had a little lab area in the storefronts the whole time as well, with educational posters about her […]

In Store: From Scratch

The next instalment of In Store, a documentary on our SRSI project! We follow Broken City Lab as they take possession of the storefronts, get them ready for the residencies, and discuss the location and the ideas behind the project.

Livestream is go for Homework!

Hiba and I took a trip down to the Art Gallery of Windsor (our gracious host and community partner for our upcoming conference) to check out the possibilities for using Livestream to make the conference available to the folks who can’t make it down to Windsor. We had Kevin on another connection to check and […]

Sergio Albiac’s ‘Content is Queen’

Content is Queen is a new generative video painting by Sergio Albiac. Using computer programming language, he modifies the tools a painter would normally use and creates dynamic “paintings” from found video. If you’re having a hard time discerning what the image is, take a few steps back. Now the title makes sense! Sergio states, […]

BCL Report: End of April, 2011 (the Art of Planning & Collaboration)

Over three days this week, we got a lot done. And, as I write this, stuff is still getting done. This is why collaboration is such a valuable model for art practice. But, it’s not just about getting stuff done, it’s the challenges, the insights, the novel perspectives that can be brought up around a […]

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