We’re Featured in Artcite’s 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Opening Tomorrow Night at 7:30


“30X30 – Artcite 30th ANNIVERSARY SHOW pt. 2″ An Invitational Group Show featuring Works by Emerging Artists Nominated by Artcite Alumni and Members Opening Reception – Friday, September 13, 7:30 PM at Artcite (109 University Ave. W, Windsor) We’ve just recently been selected to take part in Artcite‘s 30th Anniversary / 30×30 exhibition, which opens […]

In Progress: A Set of Proposals for Living Affectively in an Open World


Today we’re working through a few poster designs for A Set of Proposals for Living Affectively in an Open World using gold vinyl on a previously hand-painted black background.

Call for Participation: Regret & Resolve


With the start of the new year, we wanted to take stock of the regrets we have about the city or our roles within it, and the resolutions we might make to change this place for the better. We want to ask two questions: What are the things that we know we should be doing, […]

Civic Space Studio Digest for December 13: on t-shirts and white walls


A look at our little corner of Civic Space. This is where we’ve been spending the majority of our time lately. For the record, the high shelves (those really nice ones with the Letter Library letters on them) were installed by Kiki. The lower shelves were hacked together by me. They’re very shoddy, but they […]

Fail to Meet Expectations: Vinyl on Paint Posters


We’ve been talking about picking up on some of the ideas we put together for the OPEN panel discussion from earlier in the month, and it seemed like posters were a natural fit. Given the text statements that we made to address the an idea of economies and creative practice that served as the backdrop […]

No Rights/No Wrongs: Nuit Blanche 2012


On September 29th 2012, we were lucky enough to be invited to Toronto for Nuit Blanche! Our installation site was on the face of the Gladstone Hotel right on Queen Street West. It was an amazing night. It was the first time that we did a projection on a building so textured. This definitely allowed […]

1-Day Project: “Find Something Worthwhile”


We had ordered these screen printing supplies in anticipation of using them for our upcoming Civic Maintenance project, but before we could embark on that large-scale production, we needed to test. We got process colours cmyk and the basics for screen printing – photo emulsion and photo emulsion remover and two screens. We haven’t screen […]

100 Emergencies for North Bay (Projections in Downtown)


Thursday night, our last night in North Bay as part of our residency, we did a large-scale public projection as a kind of summary of our conversations, and as a bit of a starting point for where we see the exhibition going. Almost next door to the White Water Gallery is this huge blank wall — […]

Installing the sign for CIVIC SPACE, take 1

Installing some signage on the exterior wall of CIVIC SPACE (10)

Last night, Hiba, Sara, and Justin tackled some initial planning for the installation of the CIVIC SPACE / Letter Library sign. The Letter Library idea came out of trying to think through how we might make our own sign for the space, so it’s really great to finally see the letters going up. Hiba got on the […]

Single-Use Camera Tests: Captioning the City


Kevin and Josh ventured out with a single-use camera to test what the temporary installations would look like, as we continue to prep for Thursday’s launch of the Letter Library here at CIVIC SPACE. Also, film is fun. The letters look great and the photos aren’t too bad either. They definitely have a colder tone […]

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