“Foam” by Kohei Nawa


Some of the best installation work can make you believe, even for a split second, that you have entered another world, or a place totally alien or unfamiliar. Artists have made naturally occurring phenomena like clouds appear in a gallery setting using a handful of tactics, but this work by Kohei Nawa uses foam to […]

Street Installations by SpY

SpY - Balloons

SpY is an urban artist who has been practicing forms of intervention, mostly traditional graffiti, since the mid-1980s. More recently, he has chosen to work within the confines of urban elements, often playing with their intentions and using them as a “palette of materials”. I suggest checking out this book for a nice overview of […]

Broken City Lab Publications Featured in “On the Road: Detroit”


The Art Book Review, a Los Angeles-based compendium of reviews about books relating to the subject of art, is including a selection of Broken City Lab publications as part of “On the Road: Detroit“, a collaboration with Creative Rights, a legal service for creative folks based in Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan. They are including three mini publications: Shortcuts and […]

The Social Practice Workbook – Artist Talk with Jen Delos Reyes (watch it online now!)


Jen Delos Reyes–a Portland-based artist and educator–has curated an exhibition here at Civic Space called The Social Practice Workbook. This exhibition is a collaborative effort between students of Portland State University (PSU) and takes the form of an assemble-it-yourself display of short writings and assignments from PSU’s Art & Social Practice MFA Program. Jen took […]

Windsor is Forever Tattoo Flash Set Completed!


Here it is, the Windsor is Forever tattoo flash set (in two parts). With the help of those who came out on Monday’s Sketch Night, Jason Sturgill has whittled down the submissions to the most poignant designs and optimized them for our free tattoo day tomorrow. If you submitted a story and were contacted to […]

Windsor is Forever with Jason Sturgill


Photo by Jason Sturgill from Art is Forever.  Tattoos have been a long-lasting part of our cultural history, revealing glimpses of where we’re from, where we’re going, and who we think we are. Windsor is Forever is a new community-driven art and tattoo project that will give residents of Windsor an opportunity to make a […]

Heartbreaking by Lois Andison


This one goes out to Josh. Heartbreaking, a kinetic sculpture by Lois Andison, is a device that gradually works its way through every possible word that can be spelled with the letters H,E,A,R,T,B,R,E,A,K,I,N,G (in that order). Terrence Dick over at Akimbo called it, “the closest thing I’ve seen that’s come to a perfect marriage of word […]

Simon Rabyniuk on the division of practice and real life


There is no division between practice and life.

Writing Art * A ‘Critical Writing’ Group


  From an email from Artcite Inc… you should consider doing this! Urge to write about art? Please check out the NEW… Writing Art * A ‘Critical Writing’ Group Sponsored by Artcite Inc. So many artists pass through our city un- or under-sung that a few folks at Artcite thought we might form a group devoted […]

Nick Tobier on art, expectations & encounters

City Walker, courtesy of everydayplaces.com

Wonder, puzzlement, pique, bemusement, delight–I am a big fan of all that swirling around before we pause and recognize what it is or why it is.

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