Two Tales of a City opens in Hamilton!


As February wrapped up, we prepared our bunting and banner components to be shipped up to Hamilton for the install. Sara and I went to Canadian Tire to buy Scotch Guard to weather-seal and water-proof the work. We bought two different kinds, both sealed the fabric adequately after setting to dry for a few hours. […]

DIY: Air Quality Balloons

I found this post not too long ago and have been wanting to make one of these ever since. What’s making these balloons glow is the pollutants in the air around them, with colours ranging from green (signifying excellent air quality) to red (poor air quality).

First Friday of 2011: Back in Action!!!

Our first Friday back was great. Unfortunately, Rosina couldn’t make it, but everyone else was around the table for the first time in almost a month. We’ve learned some things about how we work together over the last two and a half years, and we’re set to make more things happen this year than ever […]

The Storefront Residencies for Social Innovation: Launching June 11, 2010

For 30 days, this project will call on over 25 different artists, writers, designers, restauranteurs, musicians, architects, archivists, and other interested parties to occupy a space in downtown Windsor for up to one month in June and July 2010 to attempt to intervene with the everyday realities of skyrocketing vacancy rates, failing economic strategies, and a place […]

Stay Tuned…

…For the Save The City Micro Tool Kit! It will be distributed at our last event for Save The City, this Friday May 21st @ 7pm @ the Art Gallery of Windsor. A downloadable and printable version will also be available here, soon! The kit will include recipes to cook up some BCL-like civic engagement […]

New Project Soon (Keep Your July Open)

Not that we don’t already have our hands full, but seeing as it’s nearly March, we’re starting to look ahead to summer time activities. These activities might be somewhat related to this ongoing conversation we’ve been having on the blog. We’ll be posting more information soon, but for now, just know that if you’ve been […]

An Update to the Website: Projects Section

It’s probably a longtime coming, but we’ve finally added a PROJECTS section to the website. So, rather than having to dig through our archives, this page will offer a quick overview of some of our finished projects starting back in September 2008.

Oh, Paperwork in the New HQ

We spent the better part of the evening at our new headquarters located at the edge of campus. It’s exceptionally great to be in a place that we can use as a work space / office space that we’ll be able to leave setup. Working in Lebel for the past year was good for a […]

Being Productive Again: Day 3

Another great day in 406 Pelissier. We got lots of brainstorming done and continued our planning and work with plastic bag recycling projects. It’s been a fantastic three days, and being able to work in such a concentrated way in just one week has been really helpful in pushing forward on some new ideas. We […]

Being Productive Again: Day 2

Today was another great, amazingly fun and productive day in 406 Pelissier! We did a lot of material tests, figured out some more details on our book, met some new people, and generally enjoyed having a dedicated workspace. It’s going to be very hard to give up this space.

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