Windsor is Forever: A Short Documentary

With Portland-based artist-in-residence, Jason Sturgill, we reframed his previous project, Art is Forever, as Windsor is Forever  – a community-driven art and tattoo project that gave Windsor residents an opportunity to make a permanent commitment to the city. Participants chose from a flash tattoo set created in collaboration with local artists and illustrators to receive as their free tattoos, which were […]

Join us on March 16 for ‘Tell: Detroit’ at the Detroit Mercantile Co.


In poker, a “tell” is a change in a player’s behavior that gives clues about their assessment of the situation. In the city of Detroit, such clues from residents about the deal they have been dealt are often ignored and misrepresented. Tell: Detroit brings together a group of documentary film makers and Detroit residents to create a […]

In Store: Coda

In Store: Coda from Daragh Sankey on Vimeo. Happy Long Weekend — the final part of the documentary web series on our Storefront Residences for Social Innovation. From the director’s, Daragh Sankey, description… This is the final film in the series and posting it makes me feel all sadhappy. Sad because I have enjoyed doing this […]

Detroit Je T’aime – a new interactive documentary

Lafayette Coney Island from Detroit je t’aime on Vimeo. Nora Mandray (director/producer) and Hélène Bienvenu (co-producer) are part of a growing group of people who believe that Detroit, MI, is a laboratory for the city of tomorrow. They’re a duo of French filmmakers/journalists, and they’ve been working for over a year on an interactive documentary […]


Another incredible look back at SRSI from 2010, this time featuring Andrea Carvalho‘s work on non-places. Daragh Sankey continues to amaze us with these micro-documents … can’t wait to see what’s next! Here’s the overview from In Store: Chappas We also saw this neighbourhood in The Border – the new-looking houses that Lee’s group explores, right on the […]

In Store: The Border

Another instalment of In Store, featuring Lee Rodney discussing her Border Bookmobile project, in the multi-part documentary that our exceptionally talented friend, Daragh Sankey, has been putting together. Here’s his notes on the latest: Ed. note: Hey, it’s been a while! I did a lot of overtime and also a freelance job and had to […]

Tuesday Afternoon: Work continues, now with Postcards and the Library Cards


Lucy stopped by this morning to keep cutting. Hiba and I painted the letters. White it is. We had a lot of leftover wall paint, which means we not only have more than enough paint, but the letter faces will gain a bit of rigidity and protection since it’s epoxy paint. Hiba paints. After trying […]

In Store: Norman (DIY Surveillance)

An intimate portrait of Norman exploring DIY Surveillance during our Storefront Residencies for Social Innovation.  


Another installation of In Store by Daragh Sankey covering some of the incredible work that happened as part of our SRSI project a couple of summers ago. Here’s the overview of this week’s segment on the Department of Unusual Certainties from Daragh: I basically shared an area with these guys. Like Sara French and of […]

In Store: From Scratch

The next instalment of In Store, a documentary on our SRSI project! We follow Broken City Lab as they take possession of the storefronts, get them ready for the residencies, and discuss the location and the ideas behind the project.

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