This is Happening: Installing our sign at CIVIC SPACE


Props to Hiba for wrapping up what we started last night. Most time spent on the ladder.

Installing the sign for CIVIC SPACE, take 1

Installing some signage on the exterior wall of CIVIC SPACE (10)

Last night, Hiba, Sara, and Justin tackled some initial planning for the installation of the CIVIC SPACE / Letter Library sign. The Letter Library idea came out of trying to think through how we might make our own sign for the space, so it’s really great to finally see the letters going up. Hiba got on the […]

Pop-Up Possibilities: Sketches


Tom Provost came by a couple weeks ago with an idea for a new collaboration. We’ve work with Tom before on How to Forget the Border Completely — in particular the proposals for 1,000 Pedestrian Walkways and the Windsor-Detroit Portals.  In short, the new project is to take the form of a triangular sign, something […]

Everything I Wanted Is Right Here (street installation shot)


A little preview of our exhibition, Unrest Everywhere, up now at Eye Level Gallery. More shots of the process and install soon, hopefully over the weekend.

Prototyping Projects for Halifax


Josh, Hiba, and I spent Monday prototyping some projects for our upcoming project in Halifax.

Smiley Face Visualizations from Mood Data of a City


Project Stimmungsgasometer, by Richard Wilhelmer, Julius von Bismarck and Benjamin Maus, is a giant smiley face that changes based on the mood of Berlin citizens. When they are collectively “happy” the light is a smile, and when they are not, it is a sad face. Input comes from facial recognition software (contributed by the Fraunhofer Institut) that […]

The Arts Supports You


The Arts Supports You is a project thought up by some fellow students and I at the University of Windsor. The project aims to occupy certain spaces for a period of time in which we hold an oversized QR scanning code for passers by (or people situated in the space) to scan. One of the […]

A Summary of Things I’ve Been Thinking About

Today, a very brief summary of some things that I’ve been thinking about and noted over the last few weeks… Above, a portal. Perhaps a cross-border portal. An under-used, long forgotten relic of a portal prototype. Cordoned off, waiting for a new route. Partington and Wyandotte on our side, where’s the related neighbourhood in Detroit? […]

Steve Lambert: The Making of 98.5%

This one goes out to Josh, our resident wood worker. Steve Lambert on video making his latest work, 98.5%. From his vimeo page, “While this video only takes three and a half minutes, the actual sign took several days to make. Victoria Estok and Kyle Hittmeier helped along the way – Kyle can be seen […]

Math, Markers, and Measurements + Eric’s micro-documentary

We spent last night watching a rough cut of some of Eric’s ongoing micro-residency project, did a lot of measuring, used Google Earth, did some math, drew some diagrams, and brainstormed a new project (because Cristina wants to sew, a lot). With the semester basically over now, we’re hoping to wrap up a couple things […]

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