In Calgary: Absence & Science


Our trip continues in Calgary. We’re keeping track of unconnected details and losing track of time. We’re wondering about missing information. Are there gaps and absences waiting for us, or do these things wait for no one? We’re inundated with time and arrows. The infrastructure is massive and the number of human hours spent anticipating, […]

Vancouver: Flagged for Review


Since January, we’ve been in residence at the Burrard Marina Field House, and our work continues until the end of April. Our four month project, Flagged for Review is exploring the Contemporary Art Gallery‘s Field House Studio’s physical site and its relation to current perceptions of the city rooted in initiated conversations surrounding critical social and political […]

last night was fun #tertulia #brokencitylab


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Digging through the archives. #brokencitylab


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Artist Chris Flanagan planting the Sphinxxx mixed tape in various thrift shops throughout Windsor. #brokencitylab #civicspace #findthetapes


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Watershed+ Residency Day 1: Getting Acquainted


We have finally arrived to Calgary, Alberta after a delay in travel due to the insane flooding that has happened in the area. The city seems as though nothing even happened, but our minds will soon be changed. Upon arrival we were given a schedule filled with people to talk to and things to see […]

Drift v2+ : Looking for Friendly Android Developers


Maybe you’ve used Drift. If you’re on the iPhone anyways. We’ve never had the expertise or resources to pull together an Android version of our psychogeography-inspired app, but we’ve consistently had a lot of people ask about when we would. The answer has always been, hopefully soon. Today, we’re reaching out asking for some help. […]

New Publication Out Now: Invented Emergency (For Small Cities & Big Towns)


We just received a few boxes of our newest publication, INVENTED EMERGENCY (For Small Cities & Big Towns), published through White Water Gallery. They look so good, we can’t wait to give them out! INVENTED EMERGENCY is built on the research developed for Surviving North Bay, a residency and exhibition by Broken City Lab, hosted […]

Nicole and Sarah: Spirit of Windsor install OPENING TONIGHT, 6pm-8pm

Opening TONIGHT at 6pm, Spirit of Windsor by Nicole Lavelle and Sarah Baugh – CIVIC SPACE, 411 Pelissier, Windsor

All Tomorrow’s Problems on Holiday for Tonight, see you on April 8th


All Tomorrow’s Problems take a short break this week. We’ll be back on Monday, April 8th at 7pm to tackle problems big and small. Come hang out with us. Here are just a couple of examples of the things we’ve done recently in exploring how to bring people together to talk through their concerns with […]

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