Neon Clan on the Move!

Neon Clan in Action

“They call themselves the Neon Clan. Their mission: switch off the colorful and bright neon signs that have been left on at night by shops and boutiques.
Through this sensible and non-violent action, the Neon Clan fights against the abusive use of neon advertising and the irrational consumption of energy.”

“It’s impossible to count all the activists who claim to belong to the Neon Clan. And their territory, which largely overcomes the French capital, has now reached other European countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.”


Website –

Flower Bombs With Biodegradable Plastic

Flower Bombs by StudioTX

Flower bombs made from biodegradable plastic (PLA plastic), painted with water-based chalk, created by Studio TX. The lawn gnomes images are questionable, but maybe better than paintings of flowers… As the bag begins to break down (which takes 4-6 months), the seeds land on a base of sod and begin to flower.

We should either start making some seed bombs and learn about this biodegradable plastic, ormake this.


Adam5100 Stencil Work

Adam5100 Stencil Painting (Untitled)

“Adam 5100 uses knowledge of printmaking and savvy ability with spray paint in his stencil work. Each stenciled piece represents hundreds of hours of meticulous work and a fine detail–the hallmark of his work. Much of it is based on influences of classic American photography, the freedom of modern and contemporary painting, and his own fast moving imagination.”

Check out a time-lapsed video of Adam creating one of his works:

Plant-Reactive Robots Make Music

Plant-Reactive Robots Play Bamboo, Chinese Instruments at Royal Botanic Garden, Scotland

An installation in Palm House, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland where a variety of traditional Chinese instruments and chimes are controlled robotically in response to people and plants. The sounds produced by this are incredibly beautiful, watching the video of the installationis highly recommended. Built using Arduino, the installation reacts to the presence of humans and changes in the soil of the plant beds.

Similar and equally cool—Botanicalls, an open-source project that uses sensors to determine when plants need to be watered and then automatically calls its owner to ask to be watered.


Turning TVs off With a Single-Purpose Universal Remote

TV-B-Gone by Ladyada

This is the TV-B-Gone—it is a single-purpose universal remote that is used to shut off a large variety of televisions. You can see a video of it in action. It’s open-source, so it’s fairly easy to build using the instructions included on Ladyada’s website

I was thinking about combining that with the Turn-Signal Biking Jacket project we looked at last week. We could basically build this remote into the front pocket of a jacket and run a switch to the tip of the sleeve and the go around the mall and turn off all the TVs. 

And on a different, but related note, check out this blog, Creative Physical Computing, many, many in-progress projects using things like Arduino, Max/MSP/Jitter, Processing, Quartz Composer, etc.

Stencil Demo/BBQ

I am going to do a run-though of stencil making skillz, AKA technique, material, etc for spray paint.

Friday July 11th 2008

4:30pm-?? Michelle’s backyard


+an exacto knife and an image you want to make into a stencil

+anyone else who wants to see the demo and enjoy my sweet backyard

+food if you don’t want veggie burgers

EMAIL: for the house address

feel free to come out and get your stencil on, hope to see you there! -Michelle.



Michelle going stencil crazy