Late Homework Application

HOMEWORK: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices is four-day residency, two-day conference, and collaboratively-written publication aimed at generating conversation around the following:

  • alternative infrastructures,
  • radical collaboration,
  • social practice,
  • art implicated in social change,
  • neighbourhood-level activities,
  • city-wide imaginations,
  • site-specific curiosities,
  • tactical resistance,
  • new models for art education and research.

Facilitated by Broken City LabHOMEWORK calls on artists, scholars, writers, thinkers, and doers interested in any of the above to join us in Windsor, Ontario from October 17 to October 22, 2011.

Details for Applying:
Please note, interested applicants can apply to the conference independent of the residency.

The Residency: October 17-20, 2011
The four-day residency will be modeled on an evolving, open, and inclusive collaborative process, allowing participating artists to initiate and realize new projects together. Over the course of the residency, artists with a diverse range of practices and skill sets will engage in new collaborative works and processes. Applicants selected to participate in the residency will also be expected to participate in the conference. Please note, artist fees of approximately $300-$400 will be paid, however, we cannot cover travel or billet participating artists. We will offer a letter of support for participating artists to assist in securing other funding.

The Conference: October 21-22, 2011
Following the residency, a two-day conference will feature an ongoing discussion articulating the complexities of collaboration, the ethics of social practice, and the possibilities for art to act as a catalyst for social change. Day One will centre on a series of panel discussions featuring artists who took part in the residency alongside other selected participants, and culminate in a keynote address on alternative art infrastructures and the role of locality in socially-engaged artistic practices. Day Two will expand on the conversation through a series of keynote-led workshops and discussion groups and will begin the process of outlining the collaboratively-written publication.

The Publication: 2011-2012
Following the residency and conference, we will compile notes, sketches, texts, and photos from everyone attending the conference and create a downloadable and print-on-demand book on the entire project called, DOING OUR HOMEWORK: A Book on Infrastructures and Collaboration in Social Practices. The book will be available online as a PDF and as a hardcopy print-on-demand book under the Creative Commons license.

Attending the Conference:
Attending the conference is free and open to anyone. By attending the conference, you will be participating in the creation of our collaborative publication, DOING OUR HOMEWORK: A Book on Infrastructures and Collaboration in Social PracticesRegister now!


Deadline for Application: May 9, 2011

The residency and conference will take place here in Windsor, Ontario from October 17 until October 22, 2011.

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HOMEWORK: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council.