Lisa Lipton

Lisa Head Shot

Maritime-born artist, Lisa Lipton (a.k.a. FRANKIE) (Halifax, NS) is a multidisciplinary visual artist, musician and director who received her B.F.A. from NSCAD University in 2003, and M.F.A. from the University of Windsor.  Her work exemplifies a diversity of interest within the arts as she explores the potential for crossing genres of film, mixed media installation, performance, theatre and music.  Her visions are reflective of an interest in directorial and curatorial practices, collaboration and social interaction, as well as working within non-traditional contexts in order to explore the boundaries of performance and filmic production.  She is currently touring throughout North America with her new drumming project entitled: “BLAST BEATS: Phase Three”, which will culminate in her first feature film.

NS Residency: July 15 – August 31, 2013
Atkinson Skate Park, Windsor, ON

BLAST BEATS: Phase Three is an immense project in motion, an exploration in alternative methodologies for building a feature film on the road that spans the scope of my experiences as a visual artist, musician and director.  Each scene is being constructed one at a time, in different locations across North America and explores the potential within transforming multi- media installations and performance into film sets and scenes.  The narrative evolves with each place and space, and is informed its local community members and conversations with participating collaborators.  Through mixing landscapes, people, artistic practices and genres of music, the project aims to unite a vast linage of creative energy in order to create a diverse story and feature film that transcends time and space.  For Neighbourhood Spaces, Lisa will facilitate the making of a “Windsor-based SCENE” at a Skate Park within the larger docufictional film.

– It may feel like a fiction, but it is based off reality. –

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BLAST BEATS: Phase Two, 2012 Art Gallery of Nova Scotia     Photo Credit: Aaron McKenzie Fraser