BCL Report: End of April, 2011 (the Art of Planning & Collaboration)

Over three days this week, we got a lot done. And, as I write this, stuff is still getting done. This is why collaboration is such a valuable model for art practice. But, it’s not just about getting stuff done, it’s the challenges, the insights, the novel perspectives that can be brought up around a …

BCL Report: April 11, 2011 (oh, the logistics)

It was Monday night and Karlyn’s Birthday, so Hiba and Kevin brought a fun cake. Other things happened as well, and strangely, or maybe expectedly, now that the semester’s done and since we didn’t meet at the very end of the week, we had a marathon five hour meeting. It was so great!!!

BCL Report: March 4, 2011 (Design & Play)

Another Friday evening at Lebel with the crew in action — making letters stand up, cutting maps, interpreting law, and designing impossibilities. Above, Michelle, Josh, and Mike Marcon discuss what materials will work best to line the extruded part of the plywood letters. It was, in short, a great night.

BCL Report: February 4, 2011 (Repairs and Reviews)

A Friday with everyone around the table usually translates into a lot of excellent new ideas, and yesterday was no exception! We spent the evening reviewing the progress we’ve made on some initial research and may have ┬ásparked an entirely new direction for the project. All of the excitement is after the jump!

Broken City Lab Projects

Below is a selective list of research, projects, workshops, installations, and interventions conducted by Broken City Lab with the most recent initiatives being at the top. This is just an overview, if you need more information, please see the blog archives or email us. CIVIC SPACE (2012-2014) CIVIC SPACE (Community Innovation through Vital Interactions & …