Making Sense of Big Group Calendars

This is the third calendar iteration for SRSI. We’re getting close to having things finalized, which means we’ll be announcing the whole list of artists, activities, and events very soon.

Michelle put this particular calendar together after the whole crew assembled a working calendar last week.

We’re also anticipating on making a long, timeline(d) calendar for display, but that’s sort of low on the priority list.

Danielle and I were on a panel with InCUBATE last week as part of Open Engagement, where they spoke about their radical arts admin practice. Making calendars, planning schedules, revising budgets, and organizing so many people / spaces / ideas certainly makes me wonder about what we’re doing now that could actually help inform other projects. How do we keep track of the tactics we’re using to pull off SRSI that could be discussed alongside our other projects? Or is this just part of the process of pulling together another project?