SRSI, Day 1: Cleaning up the Storefronts

Day 1 of the Storefront Residencies for Social Innovation: we get the keys and begin massive clean up. Vinyl is being cut, walls will be painted, carpets are vacuumed, windows are washed, but still things to do.

However, great things are ahead.

Josh and Michelle at the very start of the day, before the cleaning really began. Not sure how far they made it, though I’m confident we’ll be nearly finished tomorrow, as the first residency projects start up. Daragh Sankey was already with us today, putting in a huge effort clearing out the 410 Pelissier. Then we had some lunch at the Drunken Burrito — delicious, despite its name.

We’ll be back at it shortly after 9am Friday morning, where we’ll await the arrival of Jolie Inthavong, Eric Cheung, Andrea Carvalho, Julie René de Cotret & Jefferson Campbell-Cooper, and Sara French.

This project is generously supported by the City of Windsor: Cultural Affairs OfficeArts Council Windsor & RegionWindsor Pride, and the Ontario Arts Council.