Text On Ice

You Changed Everything, Text On Ice - installed in Windsor, Ontario

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks developing this project, and somehow waited until the coldest night yet to install the first successful Text On Ice (You Changed Everything) project. I’ll post some more details on the (ongoing) process later this week, but wanted to get this image up first.

This first iteration of the project is mounted via monofilament line, basically just tied to the fence. The plan is to embed the line into the ice on future versions of the project. The text will also change from work to work. 

Considering how cold it is this year in Windsor, it’s actually a good time to do this project, as it likely won’t melt for a while.

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Indian Road

Broken City Lab presents preliminary documentation of a section of Indian Road, a street located immediately west of the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario. This area is one of our potential research sites. Ideas?

Craft Work – Radical Craftivism in Melbourne

Radical Cross Stitch, Melbourne Revolutionary Craft Circle


In Melbourne, Australia, there is a “ton of land” sitting vacant, while many young people have no place to live. The Melbourne Revolutionary Craft Circle decided to comment on the situation by cross-stitching “I wanna live here” on the fence containing the land being hoarded by developers. They also planted some vegetable and flower seeds around the area and spent about 3 hours on this intervention.

Very poignant statement and addressing issues local to them = really, really good. Also, exciting to see a way to tackle the fence that doesn’t have to involve leaving plastic cups (biodegradable or not) or other refuse in a neighbourhood to make a point.