Inflatable Street Art

Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Sculptures

Using the bursts of exhaust air coming from subways in New York, artist Joshua Allen Harris combines plastic bags and tape to create these inflatable sculptures that rise and die with the constant passing of subway trains.

The use of existing conditions and materials to create something so great is incredible.

You can watch a number of videos of the works in motion at New York Magazine or Wooster Collective.

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Graffiti for Butterflies

Graffiti for Butterflies

Interesting idea using UV Spray Paint (sunblock) to draw in migrating monarch butterflies to eat some milkweed nectar on their way over major cities. The image above is a screenshot from one of the videos, the flower is the graffiti that becomes coated in sunblock and acts as a “fast-food sign on a highway” for monarchs.

I think it’s interesting to use existing materials and conditions, but to draw special attention to them. I’m not sure that this is the most effective realization of this idea, then again it’s just a prototype…