Thanks to an email Justin had sent me a few days ago, I’ve discovered the existence of mail art!

Sometimes, I miss the qualities of snail mail; the anticipation of its arrival, receiving it, and the heartfelt ingredients  inside of it.

Lately, I’ve been all about sending letters. The photo above is one of three top secret birthday letters.

Justin referred me to Hyperallergic, a grand site-of-all-trades (or a blogazine, as they’ve coined)  that houses creative ideas, ways of thinking, projects, and ridiculous amounts of other things pertaining to art and it’s discontents.

What I really enjoyed was their Mail Art Bulletin, an endeavour that invites anyone to submit their own personalized letter to be posted on their bulletin and  in turn is featured on their blog for everyone to see. I’m going to spend one of my free nights working on a surprise of my own to send in!

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