Taking Initiative: Ford City Community Garden

The news of yesterday’s election was undoubtedly disappointing, but it still doesn’t stop me from rejoicing in the amount of progress that is happening on a national level, and on a municipal level.

On that note, Pina Ciotoli of WindsorEats posted a video documenting the beginning of a new initiative by the Ford City Community Garden.

The city is leasing a chunk of property on Drouillard Road to the community organization and work is already underway to develop it. It will be made available to the local neighbourhood to grow and foster it, and founder Steve Green is sure that it will become a positive meeting place where other ideas will flounder.

Other information can be found on the FCCG Facebook page.

Things are still happening, make no mistake. This election proved that determined communities and groups can have their say and break ground.

It takes time, but there is strength in numbers.

Photo taken by David Schalliol.