SRSI, Day 3: Quiet Sunday, but things were still happening

It was a bit of a quiet Sunday, but things were still happening down at SRSI. In particular, Julie and Jefferson were hard at work all day, preparing their project, “The Peoples Museum & Fabulations de Windsor.” Above, and in between visits from some neighbours and friends, Julie preps a large piece of paper for a stencil.

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Little People: Tiny Street Art


Little People is a project by Slinkachu, a street artist based out of London. The works are often (literally) little scenarios ranging between the fantastic and the banal.


These images in particular are from a recent installation entitled, What brings us together and what keeps us apart, in Grottaglie, Italy, which was part of the Fame Festival. A lot of the work is pretty humourous and I’d imagine nearly impossible to accidentally stumble upon.

Given that we’ve been discussing some potentially quieter projects, I thought it would be worth noting this one, given just how quiet it is.