Grades for Public Spaces (design phase)

Sara's sketcbook

Sara and I spent some time planning out some very preliminary designs for our Grades for Public Spaces project. The gist of the project is to have a series of rubrics to annotate / grade public space — or rather, use those rubrics as a tool to generate conversation and engagement in the use and rethinking the use of public spaces. This project will probably accompany some upcoming drifts we’re planning.

Justin's sketchbook

We’re planning carbon-copy style prints, anyone ever print anything like that before?

The stickies — trying to map out the carbon copy part of the pages.

Can’t wait to get some rough designs up! Soon.

A Look at Process: building for CAFKA & designing for HFBC

We’re playing catchup. Between vacations, short hiatuses, and our summer schedules, we’ve been busy. However, getting back together, working together again on a more regular basis, and starting up on these projects again has been so great and incredibly rewarding. Our to-do list above is a small start to all of the projects we have on the go.

We’re working to finish up our How to Forget the Border Completely research publication (if you want to participate, check out our micro-grant), we’re planning the logistics of Homework (consider attending!), and we’re in the early stages of the final build for CAFKA.

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