Wrapping up Production for Hamilton: a quick look at some recent work

As we wrap up production on our upcoming installation, Two Tales of a City, at Hamilton Artists Inc., our Friday night meeting was shifted to Lebel where we set out to coat the bunting with some scotch guard and just started laying everything out.

Rosina braved the quick spray

The rest of the crew helped moved things around — the bunting is all connected and somewhere around 100 feet long.

Touch ups on the reverse side of the bunting.

Some details of some of the transfers. Michelle was at Jodi’s helping to do some of the few remaining cut-outs for the letters that we’ll be placing over the fabric square.s

Josh being detail-oriented.

The bunting are 18″ long.

Some of the pile.

More details. We’ll be shooting photographs of these today before boxing them up.

And the crew trying to get some perspective on the work.

We also spent some time pulling together some installation instructions and doing a preliminary collection of possible texts that will rotate throughout the run of the installation on the fabric banner. We’re really excited to see this go up in Hamilton next week. If you’re in town, come by our workshop on March 9th!