Closed (Eco) Systems

Saw these two installations, made me wonder about the potentials for filtering water hydroponically, in place of using something like a Brita filter. The first project is Local Riverby Mathieu Lehanneur. The installation consists of a refrigerated aquarium that include live fish and vegetables working together to clean the water and provide nutrients for one another.  The […]

LED Light Systems for Bikes

I totally had a nerdgasm when I saw this. It’s an LED Light System for your bike. Developed by co-founder of the lovely and informative, Dan Goldwater. Here’s the site to get one. It’s not that bad actually, it’s 64.99USD. Not a bad investment, considering that you will always be seen riding around at night. Oh man, I’m […]

Wonderfully Canadian: Anti-DMCA Protest Stapled to Posts

You’re probably wondering what’s going on in this picture. The band The Craft Economy has hit the streets with their own protest agaisnt bill C-61. From Boing Boing: The disc, containing a demo of “Menergy,” a track off of the band’s upcoming record (due late August) isn’t simply Creative Commons licensed music like their previous hydro […]

Tree Drawing

Attaching pens to branches of trees, Tim Knowler produces tree drawings, or rather, sets up the situation in which a tree can produce drawings. I was pleasantly reminded of his work, having come across it sometime last summer, through an email and Inhabitant. From his artist statement, “The exploration of Chance and Process is core to my artistic […]

Seed Bomb Research Party

The members of Broken City Lab will be holding a research session on Friday August 1st on perfecting a Seed Bomb recipe. Check back when we post our findings!

Usman Haque’s Primal Source

[NOTCOT at GLOW: Usman Haque’s Primal Source from Jean Aw on Vimeo.] As part of GLOW in Santa Monica, Usman Haque’s Primal Source was a huge interactive light/projection installation on the beach. Rear-projecting onto a water-screen, the installation responded to sound from the crowd with microphones being placed along the crowd’s edge on the beach. The event went on for 12 hours […]

Kate Moss Hologram

  OK, last one from me tonight. In 2006 Alexander Mcqueen’s ready-to-wear show finished off with a damn near historic (pun, collection related) finale. Inside of the pyramid a ghostly figure materialized, only for it to be Kate Moss! The effect is created with plates of glass, which form the pyramid, and lighting techniques. The […]

3D Image Projection

In 2006, AIST (Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) developed the first 3D image projector. “How does it work?” you say? From Pink Tentacle: The newly developed device … creates “real” 3D images by using laser light, which is focused through a lens at points in space above the device, to create plasma […]

The Groundswell Blog

Here’s a link that I found thanks to Facebook. The Groundswell Blog documents trends in art/design in activism. Awesome.


“Could it be that we are connected to all things in the universe and not the centre of it?” Last night I saw two episodes of E2 Design on TVO. The shows are incredibly well-done, the cinematography style alone would have been enough to have me watch an hour worth of television on nearly any topic, but the fact […]

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