Monitor your Plants

I recently decided to make a useful form out of one of the free computer monitors left in the hallway of the University of Windsor’s Lebel building. The process was very brief and effortless and I would suggest that anyone who has a computer monitor (broken or intended to be discarded) try this out. The […]

6th Annual Fahrenheit Fest

Last night was the 6th Annual Fahrenheit Festival, presented by Artcite Inc. and the town of Lasalle. It was incredible to see such a huge crowd, likely around 1200 people or more, out to see fire sculpture. The location was amazing, with 12 sculptures sitting on a little patch of land cutting through the middle of […]

LED lights + snow?

While browsing Instructables today I found this neat snow lantern. It would be interesting what we could do to this effect using LED lights!

Snow Graffiti

Depending on how much this hand-pump sprayer is, this looks like a cheap and environmentally-friendly alternative for graffiti in the winter. Watch the demo video on youtube!

Bamboo Bike GROWN

Have you guys looked into your back yard and thought: “OH BOY I wish I could grow a field full of bikes.” I know I haven’t – BUT THIS GUY DID! Based out of Santa Cruz, California, Graig Calfee is a bike maker. Sounds neat, so what? Check this quote from the Wired article: To […]

Trees Prevent Forest Fires

The idea is to use bioenergy from trees to power temperature and humidity sensors from which information will be used to alert US Forest Service of potential forest fires and conditions. I loveMIT. [via]

Public Domain Halloween

Night of the Living Dead (1968) Broken City Lab is going to organize an outdoor screening of one or two public domain horror/sci-fi movies sometime in October. I’ve compiled a short list of possible movies to screen, including the above Night of the Living Dead, though we’re certainly up for suggestions… What’s your preference?… Let us know in […]

Working Around Things

I don’t have a lot to add to this, but saw this on Pasta&Vinegar this morning. It made me think about ways in which we could execute projects like this—simple, fast, and reusing surfaces that are not permanent.

Mauritian Sunset by Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith uses a multitude of old computers and monitors to generate architectural structures that emanate light. I like the idea of using obsolete technology, for one iteration of this project in particular, Smith secured old computers from a University. [via]

Botanicalls at Conflux 2008

Botanicalls is this incredible project I came across sometime last year. Essentially, it uses a microcontroller and sensor along with PHP and an open-source telephone system to allows plants to make phone calls and ask for water when they’re getting dried out. The project, as part ofConflux 2008, has become a walking tour in New York […]

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