Wednesday morning we set up for our last day of Urban Discovery with Truck Contemporary Art BUY ZANTAC NO PRESCRIPTION, 's CAMPER, this time stationed in Central Memorial Park. The theme for the day was "Finding Urban Sophistication and Warm Western Hospitality."

What we wished to explore was the notion that Calgarians are on average a kinder population, ZANTAC photos. Buy ZANTAC without a prescription, We also were curious if there were any trends in the areas that these kind acts occur. Josh, where can i order ZANTAC without prescription, Online buying ZANTAC, Todd, Randy, ZANTAC brand name, Generic ZANTAC, and I handled on the day's activities, while Justin took a break after a marathon work session on our upcoming publication (which we'll be posting soon), ZANTAC from canadian pharmacy. Online buy ZANTAC without a prescription, Before and after a visit from CBC Radio's Karen Moxley, we cleaned off and re-used our blackboards from Day 4 with a new goal in mind: to find distinct examples of friendliness at street level, after ZANTAC. Although the park had far fewer pedestrians than Stephen Avenue, we were still able to get useful feedback from Calgarians, while at the same time allowing them to take a break from their busy day to recall previous acts of kindness, BUY ZANTAC NO PRESCRIPTION. Order ZANTAC online overnight delivery no prescription,

With Randy and Todd helping out once again, we set up the CAMPER in a small pull-in service vehicle parking area in the park, ZANTAC overnight, Doses ZANTAC work, close to the library.  Although the forecast called for rain, buy generic ZANTAC, Buy ZANTAC no prescription, we were fortunate enough to miss the bad weather that came later on in the day.

This area is at the cross-section of pedestrian walkways in the park and viewable from the many sitting areas located behind the library, ZANTAC reviews. ZANTAC steet value, It seems people generally use this area to enjoy their lunch.

BUY ZANTAC NO PRESCRIPTION, We made sure to document the timelines from CAMPER Day 4 before erasing the blackboards in preparation for the day's activity.

Todd uses water from one of the park's restrooms to wipe down the boards, ZANTAC results. Buy cheap ZANTAC,

...while Josh and I set up some blank ...and then the city cards for passersby to fill out on a table underneath the tent.

Once the boards were cleaned off, ZANTAC natural, No prescription ZANTAC online, we started to attach them back onto the CAMPER. Luckily most of the Velcro and epoxy remained from before, fast shipping ZANTAC, ZANTAC from mexico, making this process a lot easier.

I write out the title square: tell us a story of friendliness at street level, BUY ZANTAC NO PRESCRIPTION.

Todd climbs onto the CAMPER for another vantage point, ZANTAC blogs. Is ZANTAC addictive,

Michelle decided to write out the title panel of the day, "Tell Us a Story of Friendliness at Street Level."

Our friend from Windsor who recently moved to Calgary, buy ZANTAC online no prescription, ZANTAC maximum dosage, Jason Deary, stops by to help draw the title panel, ZANTAC schedule. ZANTAC interactions, He also gives us examples of his own experiences with western hospitality.

Jason's story: "Three different people stopped in their cars to help me when I ran out of gas in my car at 16th Ave, real brand ZANTAC online. BUY ZANTAC NO PRESCRIPTION, NW and 19th St., only a few weeks after arriving to Calgary. ZANTAC online cod, It was a nice welcome to the city."

I fill out some answers from a few people on their lunch break who were eager to tell their story, but didn't have time to stop and fill out a post-it.

Meanwhile, Josh gets started on the second portion of the day: handing out ..and then the city business cards for people to complete. This information will feed into our publication and create a larger context for the billboards.

A passerby takes a more literal approach to completing the sentence.

Our epoxied velcro from Day 4 doesn't stick well on one of our title signs, so we come up with a creative, if rudimentary solution, BUY ZANTAC NO PRESCRIPTION.

We also were lucky enough to have CBC's Karen Moxley stop by for a brief interview about our work here in Calgary.

She was quite the energetic interviewer and asked some good questions about our place in the art realm.

She also allowed Randy to share his thoughts about what we've been doing in Calgary and how it happened.

Before arriving in Calgary, we printed a selection of business cards with ...and then the city fill-in-the-blank statements. BUY ZANTAC NO PRESCRIPTION, Today we used them more prominently in our research gathering.

We also decided to get spatial again; we drew generic street corners which would allow participants to pinpoint the location of kind acts.

We asked participants to recall the intersection at which these small acts of kindness occurred.

Randy unknowingly demonstrates Calgarian kindness to someone in need of technical assistance.

Admittedly, it was tough to attract the attention we were used to on Stephen Ave., but we managed to kindly approach those who walked close to the CAMPER.

It was great to see people sharing memories that may have been forgotten otherwise, BUY ZANTAC NO PRESCRIPTION.

Here is a good example of true honesty.

This one was from one of our first days in Calgary.

It's endearing to know that people remember these small gestures of kindness.

Small things can go a long way in terms of brightening up someone's day.

BUY ZANTAC NO PRESCRIPTION, Here is a really good example of going the extra mile for someone in need.

We had to note Randy's good deed on the board.

Kindness takes many forms, in some cases it is in the form of a donation.

Helping those in need

We stuck a few rows of our cards underneath the friendliness boards. These short statements help us understand what kind of active role a city can play when framed as an entity.

This card demonstrates a city which knows where it came from.

This series has been a very important one for us in Calgary as well as Windsor. Through the statements we imagine a sense of direction, choice, and accountability that may be overlooked or downplayed in both cities.



Our work on ATTC Calgary with Truck Gallery’s CAMPER Urban Discovery project AVAPRO FOR SALE,  continued with a couple day's break from events, allowing to focus on planning the remainder of our residency activities and starting work on our publication.

Tuesday night was our projection event around the edge of Central Memorial Park -- an impeccably well-manicured green space in the middle of a downtown neighbourhood, and a welcomed surprise, buy AVAPRO from mexico. A few logistical concerns aside (like having to connect seven extension cords to reach the edge of the park), Low dose AVAPRO, we had a pretty ideal spot. A blank light-cemete wall always makes for a good projection screen.

The projections themselves were a series of text-based statements articulating of a set of narratives around Calgary that were originally based on the responses to our fill-in-the-blank statements and eventually moving on to real-time feedback and participation from those community members in attendance, AVAPRO wiki.

Josh and I had done a site visit the night before, uncertain of where we might draw power, but when Michelle and Josh returned the next day they found the plugs on the side of a small canteen of sorts in the middle of the park, AVAPRO FOR SALE.

TRUCK had already okayed the use of these outlets, AVAPRO dose, but unfortunately they were a considerable distance from the edge of park we wanted to use.

This building seemed like a perfect fit.

Michelle and Josh also thought through some other projection options, effects of AVAPRO, but ultimately, AVAPRO street price, it seemed like the side of the apartment building would be our best bet.

The above diagram notes stringing sheets between pillars, while the blank wall hovers above the Library, AVAPRO trusted pharmacy reviews.

AVAPRO FOR SALE, Pulling from the fill-in-the-blank statements and interviews from earlier in our residency, we compiled a series of projections from some of the more interesting narratives that we had heard about.



Text-based projections continue to offer a sense of activation for the spaces where we're projecting and, AVAPRO canada, mexico, india, frankly, for us. There's a sense of reclaiming the site and interjecting into a larger conversation around the city with the ideas, order AVAPRO no prescription, concerns, AVAPRO over the counter, and hopes from everyday perspectives.


For the first set, we simply used keynote -- it's fast to compile slides and reliable, where can i cheapest AVAPRO online.


These projections were based on the fill-in-the-blank statements, Ordering AVAPRO online, where the blank on the page is the text underlined in the projection.


The projection was also visible for eastbound traffic on 12th ave, though the jog in the wall made for an interesting tear in the text, AVAPRO FOR SALE.

Josh got on top of the CAMPER to take some shots as well.

Some statements were direct, online AVAPRO without a prescription, while others left some imaginative distance. AVAPRO samples,

We're uncertain if we've found any sense of a "warm western hospitality" -- I'm never sure what hospitality means in an urban setting anyways.

Some of the Calgarians who showed up to add to our projection series.

AVAPRO FOR SALE, We're continually interested in the border of resistance and acceptance to the experience of a place.

Are certain statements based on experience, is AVAPRO safe, rumour, Cheap AVAPRO no rx, or grander narratives from an outside perspective.

Interest in the built environment continues to assist in unravelling the sense of locality, though complicating it in an interesting way is the values that are read by everyday citizens, purchase AVAPRO for sale.

And then, Discount AVAPRO, something about another city.

The view from the projection site.

After cycling through the statements we had previously collected, we passed around a notepad and asked for statements from the folks who showed up, AVAPRO FOR SALE.

Architectural perspectives, rx free AVAPRO.

And something that drew a number of affirmations -- somehow this feels familiar. AVAPRO description,

Subtle critique or admission, depending on your perspective.

A comment from Randy, AVAPRO no rx.

Josh updating the screen using our old live-text software AVAPRO FOR SALE, .

Obvious patches to a problem that may not ever have been that bad. AVAPRO recreational,

The projector rigged up, questionably.

Another Vancouver / Calgary comparison, order AVAPRO from United States pharmacy, I'm curious about how this longing for another identity plays out in the city. AVAPRO pharmacy,

Some of the final comments being entered.

Catching a moment where the projection flips from one message to another, AVAPRO FOR SALE.

Passersby add this.

And, order AVAPRO online c.o.d, courtesy of a Windsor expat... AVAPRO pics,


I wish this place had a little more grime.

Over a couple hours, we passed notebooks and pulled from our growing archive based on earlier research in our residency to cycle through the narratives that we had begun to hear and generate around the city, AVAPRO duration. AVAPRO FOR SALE, Using large-scale text in the projections, we interjected a set of narratives into (or rather, onto) the conversation of the city itself. As always, AVAPRO price, coupon, a nighttime event proves to be one of the most fun and rewarding.

Upon returning home, we worked on some of the text for the publication and I continued with the layout, AVAPRO without prescription. Eventually, Where can i buy cheapest AVAPRO online, around 6am, I sent it off to the printers. Michelle and Josh took on today's activities back at Central Memorial Park, just wish we had had time to include it in the publication.

Tomorrow night marks the end of our residency, more soon.

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On Day 3 of our ATTC Calgary with Truck Gallery’s CAMPER Urban Discovery project BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, , it rained, and so we planned. We planned and discussed and reviewed some of the answers we had received from our activities on Day 2 -- glimpses of the state of Calgary, from a ground-level perspective.

For Day 4, we had to condense our planned events into an single afternoon, Australia, uk, us, usa, collecting answers to a series of fill-in-the-blank statements and eventually creating a CAMPER-wide chalkboard to collect a timeline of Calgary.

Working to understand Calgary through these gestures provides insights to a city in between many things -- a military fort and a sprawling urban centre, a longtime home and a temporary situation,the site of the first roadhouse and the place that Tim Hortons amalgamated with a small coffee shop, a celebrated Olympic site and the place of someone's first concert. All of these experiences, herbal AMARYL, memories, and invented histories create a space for dialogue around the narratives that create the social shape of the city and not only how we interact with it, but how we interact with one another.

On Day 3, we started off what was supposed to be a rainy afternoon organizing the information we received from Day 2, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Josh enters all our stickies, Taking AMARYL, from the good to the bad to the things worth hoping for in Calgary.

And begins to generate some charts in Numbers.

The data is highly unscientific, but we were curious to see it visualized to possibly give us some direction for our next set of activities.

Josh sorting columns. BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, He and Michelle had set up a series of tags or categories for the collected stickies.

Meanwhile, AMARYL no prescription, Michelle worked on a series of fill-in-the-blank statements.

And I started to plan the chalkboard work we needed to do.

Josh and Michelle's categories.

The resulting graph ... we're still planning to work with this some more, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION. Buying AMARYL online over the counter, It sits patiently on our dropbox.

The next day, we're onto the next steps as we prepare to create a sign for our chalkboard. We let the paint dry overnight and we set off to work first thing in the morning on prepping the boards.

We have 24"x24" masonite boards that we painted with chalkboard paint, and I created a basic outline for the sign for the side of the CAMPER, buy AMARYL online cod.

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, We start to setup the template, using stencils from Staples.

Josh quickly realizes we should have bought more than one package of each size.

The number of each letter is very limited.

But, we figure out a work plan anyways. Kjøpe AMARYL på nett, köpa AMARYL online, Michelle is an expert in spray adhesive, so she goes to work on the balcony.


Josh tapes down the rows of letter.

And they lay down some more paper to mask the bottom of the chalkboard sign.

Discussing spraying technique.

One t short, my AMARYL experience.

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Michelle starts spraying.

Later, I take on the next board while Josh continues with the white. We were trying to get this done in about an hour and a half, so things were rushed. AMARYL long term,

We sacrifice a board to test the yellow.

Michelle continues work with the next row.

Peeling up the masks, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

I start masking the next board...

...while Josh preps the next stencils.

Michelle touches up the board inside -- our ellipses stencil bled a lot.

Some of the aftermath, AMARYL forum.

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Once at CAMPER, we layout the modular chalkboard on the ground.

The finished sign, we were quite happy with it.

Josh and I start to try to line up the boards in anticipation of Todd's arrival to give us a hand with hanging.

And meanwhile, AMARYL mg, Michelle starts getting some input into our fill-in-the-blanks.

And then moves on to some sidewalk chalk.

Some Calgarians filling in the blanks, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

With Todd's arrival we start to plan out how to adhere the boards using some industrial strength velcro, but we quickly discover that the adhesive on the back of the velcro pads won't stick to the back of the masonite.

So, we decide to pick up some epoxy and go from there, AMARYL alternatives. This will make hanging a bit more difficult as we'll need to align the pads before placing them onto the side of the CAMPER and on the back of the boards themselves.

Todd and Josh do the math thing while I sort through completed fill-in-the-blanks alongside some folks participating in our questionnaire.

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, We used the fill-in-the-blanks as an impetus to create a small book on narratives about the city. Kind of like a DIY-version of our ...and then the city book.

We enjoy using the fill-in-the-blanks as a prompt, Cheap AMARYL, as a kind of accessible tool to provide a lot of information about some more absurd understandings of the city -- things based on emotional responses to the personification of the city itself alongside ideas around what needs to be erased, remembered, what's been lost, and what the city wants from you.

Josh writes some and then the city statements after talking to some folks passing by.

We're planning to use more of these at our next event to tease out other narratives, AMARYL from canada.

Todd working on the velcro solution, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

A card filled in by a passerby.

Todd's velcro repair shop.

More fill-in-the-blanks.

Chalk lines for lining up the boards, AMARYL brand name, post-repair.


Under the tent, Michelle interviewing.

And then a Hare Krishna parade goes by.

And then, some more blanks filled .., buy generic AMARYL. "My first memory of Calgary is it's big and I made lots of money."

A sample of the questionnaires filled in, some questions more directly tied to the city than others, but all interested in looking at a wide range of narratives that people tell themselves about the city and their experience in it.

"I need Calgary to listen sometimes."

Josh works on the velcro with Todd, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

This admittedly took a lot longer than we anticipated, Where can i buy cheapest AMARYL online, so we extended our day to make sure we had enough time to start collecting timelines.

Around the table, sorting and answering.

We had a DIY book workshop of sorts that turned more into a collaboratively written book made of construction paper and fill-in-the-blanks. We colour coded most of the answers and these will in-turn become part of our forthcoming publication.

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, Progress on hanging our modular chalkboard.

A page of our book .., AMARYL over the counter. "Don't forget that Calgary is trying to feel small."

Michelle sorting through answers.

And pasting more into our book.

At work around the table.

More modular chalkboard progress, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

And some more of our table... Buy AMARYL without a prescription, "If downtown Calgary was a person, what type of person would it be. Stand-offish, perhaps a little indifferent."

Michelle cutting fill-in-the-blanks for our book.

And pasting ... "Calgary is the worst place to be homeless."

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, These 6x9 construction paper books are really great and pre-bound. Highly recommended for another project down the road, herbal AMARYL.

"Calgary lost its footing for family, parks, playgrounds, etc."

Effort. Buy AMARYL without prescription,

Eventually, the modular chalkboard is completely mounted and we start a timeline. Todd adds in his knowledge of the city.

We add in some of our own understandings of this place and take notes from passersby, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Todd takes a step back to look at the timeline thus far.

More notes, some visitors from London note Will and Kate's visit to Calgary, AMARYL duration.

More notes on being born in Calgary.

And other arrivals to this place.

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, The Olympics, out of sequence.

And then, narratives about things that could have happened anywhere, AMARYL wiki, but importantly, happened here, like seeing the Clash for the first time ever.

Mid-afternoon progress on our Timeline for Calgary.

Timelines are interesting in that they create gaps that seem to draw others to fill in. These gaps and the aesthetic of a timeline in general start to generate a narrative structure, purchase AMARYL for sale, a linear understanding of a place that can adjust existing historical boundaries.

As a side note, the sun (and our rush) started to get the best of our epoxy, and Josh tries to convince the panels to stay in place, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Some entries onto the timeline are based on personal notations, remembered markers in time, or things that are grounded in a larger narrative, AMARYL use, but are felt at a local level.

Travellers from far abroad also mark the board.

In Japanese, something to the effect of "we were here" is written and this adds to a timeline of the city that would have certainly otherwise not been recorded.

Of course, a city plays host to many people, cheap AMARYL, but again, as we're interested in understanding alternative narratives, it becomes important to read the declaration of being somewhere alongside the site for Canada's first Olympics.

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, An overview of the CAMPER nearing the end of the afternoon.

Details. Online AMARYL without a prescription,

In 2001, the Contreras family arrives.

And in possibly in 1900, someone got wet under their first storm in Calgary.

Layers of information, some more well-considered than others, AMARYL gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, but all part of a messy narrative.

A span on 1960-1980 is established as a time of significant annexation, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Maybe the first Stampede happened in 1912.

1953 marked the possibility of the police beginning to wear cowboy hats.

And maybe in 1890, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, the Bow River started to flow.

Lots of notes from visitors to Calgary, marking their temporal presence.

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, And then a note marking someone's honeymoon.

Tales of oil and prime ministers.

A span of time in which the Calgary (need Husky) Tower was erected.

And, AMARYL treatment, perhaps as important as any other day on the timeline, today.

A note about Broken City, the venue, not the artist collective.


1884's rebellion.

Points on a timeline.

Symbols for temporal intersection.

Someone got their "Canadian wings" around 2007.

BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION, And tales about Tim Horton.

And a note from us, planning a trip to Calgary earlier this year.

Someone being born in 1978.



Other arrows we haven't used yet, BUY AMARYL NO PRESCRIPTION.

Documenting participation alongside our process helps to inform our next steps. It also aids in locating the work, our practice, the art, along the entire process. It's not about the book we're making or the billboards or the questionnaires, but rather, about a process of discovery, or perhaps a practice of curiosity.

Later this week, we'll be doing a set of projections and another event where we'll look for input from Calgarians and then finally launching a publication on Thursday night. In this publication, we're anticipating an articulation of a set of narratives around Calgary, but also a further discussion around short-cuts that we started earlier on. It seems unavoidable to imagine ways around the city that we encounter, that is, ways around the way it is, the stories that get told and the people that in turn enact those stories, all of which comes to actualize this place in all of its intricacies.

So, Josh suggests a +14 system. More soon.



On Day 2 of our ATTC Calgary with Truck Gallery’s CAMPER Urban Discovery project CELEBREX FOR SALE, , our ongoing work finds us asking questions about a city that we're still just getting to know.

The questions are, necessarily, basic and straight forward. We're not conducting deep sociological or statistical research, order CELEBREX from mexican pharmacy, but rather trying to tease out a series of narratives that we know we haven't yet heard about this place. Over the course of the residency, we're aiming to develop a practice, CELEBREX reviews, a series of tactics that aim to unfold a way to get to know a place and the things that go about shaping the things we can know about a place. Cities are continually enacted through the narratives that we hear, create, and tear apart through daily practice, and we're interested in both the narratives and that daily practice, CELEBREX without prescription.

Over the course of a few hours on Thursday afternoon, we hear about many parts of the city that are worth loving, and worth changing, CELEBREX FOR SALE. Somehow, an impression is made upon us that aligns with what we felt during our algorithmic walk -- that is, Calgary is a city that isn't readily touchable. Order CELEBREX online c.o.d, It feels distant even when it's right in front of you, and somehow the things we heard about the city from lifelong residents and people on holiday were the things that are legible from a distance, but in some instances, distanced from lived experience.

Ahead of Thursday's event, CELEBREX pharmacy, Wednesday night found us heading into CJSW for an interview on their Artslink show. The campus itself is away from downtown Calgary, separated by the Bow River. CELEBREX FOR SALE, Josh described the campus as somewhat inspiring, it's one place in the city that perhaps uses its expansiveness to some sort of advantage. Buy no prescription CELEBREX online, The surrounding area feels much like SW Ontario, really spread out.

Inside the station, we get a sense of CJSW's history.

Inside an office, CELEBREX overnight, a poster from Broken City, the venue out here in Calgary.

While we await our interview, CELEBREX online cod, Josh flips through hundreds of CDs.

And then, on-air, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

Afterwards, we head out and Michelle spots Rabbits on campus.

And walking over three lanes of traffic, we wait for the C-Train back home, online buy CELEBREX without a prescription.

Thursday afternoon arrives quickly and we prepare the tools for the day: lots of stickies and markers.

Alongside a pile of colours.

CELEBREX FOR SALE, The CAMPER will serve as our studio lab over the next week and we anticipate on making use out of the vehicle itself. An old CAMPER is a good conversation start in and of itself, Effects of CELEBREX, but we thought we should also make a sign.

Along with a banner sign, we drop three rolls of paper over the side of the CAMPER to act as a background for our stickies. Above, Michelle lowers one of the rolls of paper, order CELEBREX no prescription.

Josh, Justin, and Todd working on the sign.

From on top of the camper, we setup our sign, asking passersby to tell us about Calgary, CELEBREX FOR SALE. CELEBREX no rx,

And the questions we ask go something like this: "What do you love about Calgary?", "What would you change about Calgary?", and eventually, "What do you hope for Calgary?" They're familiar questions, but useful -- nuances come out in conversations, where can i cheapest CELEBREX online, while the directness of what we asked provides a place of polarization from which to start those conversations. If you can set the boundaries of an idea, you create a useful space in between to actually tease out something novel. My CELEBREX experience,

All of our activity in setting up the CAMPER immediately gets some curious passersby asking us questions, which in turn, gives us a great opportunity to ask questions as well.

Using stickies to take quick notes from our interviews and we immediately begin to get a range of responses.

Vanessa Annand from Avenue Calgary stops by to ask us some questions as well.

CELEBREX FOR SALE, We hear about the ways in which people would want to change the aesthetic experience of the city from the freeways leading into its core.

We also hear about a nostalgia for a city from years ago, CELEBREX street price.

And our notes try to document the essence of each conversation.

We adhere the stickies at random to the rolls of paper creating a mass of responses.

At times, CELEBREX dangers, there's a lot of conversation to get to one thing they love or want to change about the city.

At other times, it's a quick comment, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

More interesting than any summary written onto a sticky is the story that gets told to back up or frame the short statement. Details are revealed about one's history with this place and the nuances are incredible.

From above, Josh being documented documenting Justin interviewing a Calgarian, where can i buy CELEBREX online.

The good parts of Calgary are what anyone would hope to hear about their city.

CELEBREX FOR SALE, Art galleries, the climate, the downtown, a youthful and entrepreneurial community.

The things asking to be changed all feel large and looming and impenetrable by everyday community members. It feels like the city itself is untouchable by many people who add to our list. Purchase CELEBREX,

But the things noted as needing change are worthy of a lot of imagination, things like moving the stampede to Edmonton.

And the good things spark our imagination for things back home.

Todd and Josh interviewing, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

More conversations.

And, generic CELEBREX, then we begin to talk about the middle -- the hope for a place.

We hear more about immigrant's first experiences in the city and people start taking it upon themselves to add notes of hope.

Interviews in Calgary.

CELEBREX FOR SALE, The CAMPER near the end of the afternoon as things quiet down. Fast shipping CELEBREX,

Some more samples of things that people don't like about Calgary.

Some directly experienced, some politically charged.

Some that shape an aesthetic experience of a place.

And others that start to draw a narrative of the incredible explosion of wealth in Calgary, low dose CELEBREX.

Others that trace a very inside understanding of this place, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

And others that note deeper issues.

And the common complaints.

And a cluster of ideas that are likely very interrelated. CELEBREX from canadian pharmacy,

Hope provides a vision of Calgary that stretches through arts, culture, and the social well-being of a place.

CELEBREX FOR SALE, We likely could do an entire afternoon on the hope for Calgary, and perhaps we will... there's much to understand about a city through the narratives of hope we tell ourselves about it.

The things people love about Calgary, kjøpe CELEBREX på nett, köpa CELEBREX online, some are more sarcastic than others.

And things that genuinely seem to be based on very intimate experiences of the city.

Things to love based on the history.

And the economic and social realities, CELEBREX FOR SALE. Order CELEBREX from United States pharmacy,

And things to love that seem to fly in the face of things that need changing.

And notes on the intersections of interests that bring a city to life through experience and activity.

A view of all the notes collected.

And Todd adds one final sticky to the roll.

CELEBREX FOR SALE, The last note. We plan to build a database of sorts around these responses, no prescription CELEBREX online, though not to draw any specific conclusions. We hope to gather the strands of narratives that go into building a larger experience of place to assist us in looking at the distance between the lived experience and the experience we’re told about as visitors (or as citizens). That distance and a developing a practice to explore that distance is what we're hoping to work towards over the coming days. Australia, uk, us, usa,

Huge thanks to Todd from TRUCK for helping us ask questions and document.

Late in the afternoon, we tear down at our CAMPER location and head out with Randy to get supplies for the coming day's activities, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

We're planning to do an imaginative temporal mapping of the timelines of the city.

We decide to create a modular chalkboard, something that can be easily affixed to the side of CAMPER.

We pick up some masonite hardwood and chalk paint, real brand CELEBREX online.

Back at home base, our selection of materials.

CELEBREX FOR SALE, And, what we're hoping is going to be a decent quality chalkboard paint.

Oh, Order CELEBREX online overnight delivery no prescription, and stencils.

On the balcony, we do a coat of primer on the 15 sheets of masonite.

Quick-dry primer makes the task a lot easier as we can only fit about 8 sheets on the balcony at a time.

Shortly after, CELEBREX description, we can start a coat of the chalkboard paint.

Josh at work, CELEBREX FOR SALE.

This small can let us do 3 coats on 15 sheets.

Coat #1 drying. CELEBREX mg,

And then moved inside to finish drying...

...while Michelle starts on the second pile.

CELEBREX FOR SALE, Finishing up the can of chalkboard paint.

A final coat.

And then drying over night ... we're uncertain if we'll use these on Friday or Saturday, the weather report isn't looking good for this afternoon.

We're currently compiling and tagging the data we collected during our Exploring/Exploding Calgary event on Thursday afternoon and planning the next round of activities. More tomorrow. If you're in town today, and don't mind the rain, stop by, we'll be on site from 3pm-6pm.

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We're in Calgary working with Truck Gallery's CAMPER Urban Discovery project BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, , doing a residency based on our "...and then the city..." (ATTC) research. Developed after a six-month community research project back in Windsor called, Save the City, ATTC was initially realized as two billboards in Windsor and an accompanying publication that looked at the cyclical nature of city narratives -- the things that we're told and the things we tell ourselves about the places we live.

We're here for 10 days working to develop a practice that can begin to unfold the complexities of Calgary and how the people, IMDUR recreational, architecture, infrastructure, planning policies, Buy IMDUR no prescription, and connections shape this city. We're interested in the largest sense in understanding locality in both its reading and practice, and Calgary is already proving to be a wonderfully curious research site.

If you're in Calgary, you can catch us at CAMPER by taking a look at our schedule, IMDUR coupon, and if you're away, you can expect posts everyday on our process.

We land in Calgary after a 4 hour flight away from the hottest city in the country and rain greets us shortly after, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION.

We're staying in Chinatown, Where can i order IMDUR without prescription, great food is everywhere.

We have about 500 of these in varying colours... we want to hear about a lot of different narratives for Calgary.

Day 1 of our project finds us getting our bearings at CAMPER, parked at 222 8 Avenue SW, and setting out on an algorithmic walk to explore the city at random.

BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, Along with getting better acquainted with the city, we're also interested in looking at shortcuts of all kinds -- physical movements through space for the sake of efficiencies and shortcuts to different outcomes for the city. Where to buy IMDUR, Shortcuts become small sites of resistance and provide a much deeper look at how a city can shift towards alternative narratives (and ultimately experiences).

CAMPER is going to be our studio lab for the next week and a bit.

Before we set out on our walk, we need to figure out how we'll move. We've done a number of algorithmic walks (and subway rides) before, IMDUR maximum dosage, and most-often we're pulling from a long set of instructions. This time, we wanted the decisions to be simpler, so Michelle made one of those fortune tellers that you might recall from elementary school recess, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Under each flap was a simple instruction like, turn right and walk 3 blocks. IMDUR no prescription,

The completed fortune teller.

All of the possibilities.

We headed out with Todd, TRUCK's summer student, and Randy, discount IMDUR, TRUCK's Programming Coordinator.

BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, And, we planned to use Twitter to record some level of observations at each location.

We used the location service and a photo along with some brief text to note the use or feelings that each location tried to impose and possible shortcuts around these impositions. We used tags like #r2 to denote a step like turn right and walk two blocks. About IMDUR,

Our first randomly selected direction sends us to this parket / terrace, raised above street level like so much of Calgary, surrounded by concrete and walls, and manicured.

We encounter what we thought was an obvious shortcut -- hacking a private garden, buy cheap IMDUR no rx, but ultimately, this gentlemen was employed by BMO to tidy up the space.

The parket / terrace was strange in its above street-level structures, benches, and small signs reminding us that despite its appearance, you are in a private-owned and controlled space, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Instant shortcuts towards misuse of the space would be supplied by this power source. Purchase IMDUR online no prescription, The space itself is constructed to deter much physical misuse (read skateboarding), so we imagined lots of fun that could be more temporal.

Twitter post #1: BMO-owned raised concrete park offers free power for misuse with private property signs, mixed messages.

Our next step landed us at a high-end shopping space and we immediately saw the piece of plywood as a shortcut to the experience of this place, comprar en línea IMDUR, comprar IMDUR baratos. BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, Again, we're thinking about shortcuts in the widest sense of tactical resistance to existing spatial capacities.

Twitter #2: Raggedy plywood demonstrates a shortcut to reality in a high class shopping district.

Michelle and Josh at work on a busy Calgary street.

We continue walking and exploring, IMDUR forum, noting that we have to revisit their +15 infrastructure.

Further down, massive concrete underpasses note a history of tags and graffiti, though we're uncertain of how recently it's been repainted.


The only remaining urban note, canada, mexico, india, certainly officially sanctioned would be a fun starting point for other communication.

More tags at a construction site, at the edge of the part of downtown that the city cares about. IMDUR price, coupon,

Parking lots line so much of Calgary's downtown -- though their signs give me a lot of ideas.

And where they aren't parking lots, there are parking structures with lots of blank surfaces.

Twitter #3 BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, : long forgotten corner, patchwork repairs, outdoor projection waiting to happen. Space says move, we say stay, rx free IMDUR.

More signs, we have to adopt these for something.

Another decision sends us back to the edge of valuable real estate. IMDUR pics, Gardens and advertisements reappear.

Twitter #4: welcome back to valuable real estate, surrounded by street level commercial property & ads, no immediate shortcuts, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Strange fence overhangs... memories of old infrastructural decisions.

Another concrete park, bizarre, get IMDUR.

The view from above, so much man made material closing in on a large rock.

BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, Uncertain about Century Park's role beyond moving people through space -- or rather, "passive recreation."

Twitter #5: concrete water park, sign specifies no game playing, an easy shortcut is setting up a chess board.

You exit surrounded by even more concrete. Buy IMDUR from mexico,

Small gestures of resistance and city-shaping are evident, though far apart.

Further on our journey, signs of new investment, which offers an interesting observation -- a part of town that has long been the landing point at the far end of the C-Train will now become another stop on a longer line, what is IMDUR.

Streets await more work, more concrete, more movement. Perhaps a result of Calgary's winters, there are few places to actually stay for any period of time in Calgary, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION. IMDUR class,

Twitter #6: investment to move people thru faster. Neighbourhood as landing area for c-train no more. People dash, slow needed.

Signs of curious infrastructure and a moment to imagine our cross-border portals, is IMDUR safe.

BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, Footsteps like this are common, which makes me curious about a time when people were uncertain of walking over these grates.

Signs of reuse. These textual references provide aesthetic narratives of time.

Around the corner, IMDUR canada, mexico, india, another example of common architectural decisions -- any greens pace starts above streetlevel, to serve as decoration for a parking lot, while retail space is pushed far back under an overhang. Again, it's very possible that we're missing the point, buy cheap IMDUR, not being here in the winter and all, but what it really seems to indicate is narrative written by the people who have no need for street level everyday experience. It would seem to be an immediate shortcut to plant at the street level in the numerous vacant planters, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION.

Twitter #7: life set back and above ground. Taking IMDUR, Green edges for parking lot, raised sidewalk for buried retail. Plant on yer own.

We've missed the Calgary Stampede by about a week, it would seem that this is the general sentiment that we encounter, doses IMDUR work.

BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, Onto our next step, it brings us to one of the few rationally planned corners that we encounter in our walk. Street level access to green space. Physical shortcuts are already designed, the city might be listening. After IMDUR,

However, it reads as a missed opportunity as the grass remains underutilized for anything other than decoration. The city insists that we keep moving, using the sidewalks only, please, IMDUR samples.

Twitter #8: possibly the only corner in the city no cordoned off feels new, learning from mistakes, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION. Shortcuts premade, soccer.

High-tech infrastructure exists for parking, Online buying IMDUR, yet the C-train's LED screens don't denote any stop.

Curious infrastructural hopscotch. More play.

BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, A building that tells you it's from the future, but you shouldn't go near it.

Further along, we take another look at +15, we note it as another pre-existing and municipally sanctioned shortcut, but without the fun resistant qualities of user-designed efforts possible elsewhere.

Twitter #9: plus15 walking path crosses the city, shortcuts for pedestrians leery of street interaction. City starts above.

Nearing the end of our walk we see a prime example of Calgarian architecture -- huge glass walls, founded on concrete and raised entrances create narratives of refusal.

History becomes visible occasionally, though a strange cartoon of itself emerges, BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION. Tolerance for anything that really happened before the 50s seems to be low.

And we end looking at an attempt for a part of the city's past to literally plug into its current form.

Twitter #10: intersections of history and modern urbanism. Shortcuts through time, but buried in the now. BUY IMDUR NO PRESCRIPTION, The narratives we started to render by examining the spatial realities of Calgary during our walk were based on resistance -- shortcuts that we imagined or observed, some quite impossible, others already unfolding. Signs of resistance are perhaps truer markers the lived experience in a city. The distance between the lived experience and the experience we're told about as visitors (or as citizens) of a given city is where we're locating this research.

In using the phrasing of "...and then the city..." as a framework for thinking through the peculiarities that go into forming a place and our experience of it, we can generate a dialogue that is at once intimately nuanced and incredibly broad. Moving forward with our research over the coming days, we're interested to understand how Calgarians think about their city, and ultimately what narratives their telling themselves about this place.

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We're in Calgary for 9 days as part of Truck Gallery's CAMPER 2011 Urban Discovery Project BACTRIM FOR SALE, .

Here's what's going to be keeping us busy for the next week:

July 21 (Thurs): CAMPER Day 1: Exploding Calgary (interviews & storytelling) (12pm-3pm) 222 8 Avenue SW

July 22 (Fri): CAMPER Day 2: Spatial & Temporal Narratives of Calgary (public mapping) (3pm-7pm) 222 8 Avenue SW

July 23 (Sat): CAMPER Day 3: DIY Publication Workshop, BACTRIM used for, BACTRIM australia, uk, us, usa, Planning & Making Day (10am-2:30pm) 222 8 Avenue SW

July 25 (Mon): Map Making & Distro (various small maps created and distributed)

July 26 (Tues): Projection Night (Tweets & Transcripts from Citywide encounters projected from CAMPER) (9:30pm-11pm) Central Memorial Park

July 27 (Wed): CAMPER Day 4: Finding "Urban sophistication and warm western hospitality" (10am-1pm) Central Memorial Park

July 28 (Thurs): "...and then the city" publication launch (7pm) Central Memorial Park

We're basing all of this activity off an extension of our "...and then the city" project to unfold and uncover the multiple narratives that go into shaping locality and our experience of it.  If you're in Calgary, ordering BACTRIM online, BACTRIM for sale, stop by. If you're not, BACTRIM from mexico, BACTRIM dose, check back each day, we'll be making epic posts, BACTRIM schedule. BACTRIM photos. BACTRIM steet value. BACTRIM results. BACTRIM blogs. BACTRIM trusted pharmacy reviews. Buying BACTRIM online over the counter. Buy BACTRIM from canada. BACTRIM cost. Online buying BACTRIM hcl. BACTRIM long term. BACTRIM alternatives. Where can i find BACTRIM online. BACTRIM dosage. BACTRIM natural. Is BACTRIM addictive. BACTRIM price. Cheap BACTRIM no rx. BACTRIM images. Purchase BACTRIM online. BACTRIM interactions. Buy BACTRIM online cod. Buy BACTRIM online no prescription. BACTRIM without a prescription.

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We're playing catchup BUY LORMETAZEPAM OVER THE COUNTER, . Between vacations, purchase LORMETAZEPAM for sale, Purchase LORMETAZEPAM online no prescription, short hiatuses, and our summer schedules, is LORMETAZEPAM addictive, LORMETAZEPAM results, we've been busy. However, LORMETAZEPAM wiki, Buy no prescription LORMETAZEPAM online, getting back together, working together again on a more regular basis, buy LORMETAZEPAM without a prescription, LORMETAZEPAM dosage,  and starting up on these projects again has been so great and incredibly rewarding. Our to-do list above is a small start to all of the projects we have on the go, LORMETAZEPAM maximum dosage. Buy LORMETAZEPAM from mexico, We're working to finish up our How to Forget the Border Completely research publication (if you want to participate, check out our micro-grant), LORMETAZEPAM long term, About LORMETAZEPAM, we're planning the logistics of Homework (consider attending!), and we're in the early stages of the final build for CAFKA, LORMETAZEPAM no rx.

Plans from my sketchbook for pages of the HFBC publication, BUY LORMETAZEPAM OVER THE COUNTER. Where to buy LORMETAZEPAM, Portals.

Our imaginary consultancy, buy cheap LORMETAZEPAM. LORMETAZEPAM from mexico,

Rosina's geocaching project proposal.

More ideas on how to display Rosina's work, canada, mexico, india. BUY LORMETAZEPAM OVER THE COUNTER, These rough sketches are being translated into something useful in InDesign. LORMETAZEPAM australia, uk, us, usa, Sara's working on the design, we're working to finish up content, effects of LORMETAZEPAM. Order LORMETAZEPAM online c.o.d, We'll be making the book public by the fall, it's going to be an epic guide on how we might propose that we all forget about the border, LORMETAZEPAM street price. Herbal LORMETAZEPAM,

Out in Kingsville, at a farm, LORMETAZEPAM price, coupon, LORMETAZEPAM use, Hiba, Sara, fast shipping LORMETAZEPAM, Australia, uk, us, usa, Josh, and I work on our project for CAFKA, LORMETAZEPAM pharmacy. Buy LORMETAZEPAM no prescription,

After a lot of planning, we've come up with a process to create this large-scale installation, LORMETAZEPAM duration. Think lots of glue, BUY LORMETAZEPAM OVER THE COUNTER. After LORMETAZEPAM,

And lots of clamps.

And lots of plywood.

We've decided to make the letters flat, rather than 3D as we had been previously working towards. There's a huge number of logistical concerns and aesthetic cues that helped us decide and we're happy we did.

BUY LORMETAZEPAM OVER THE COUNTER, Basically, we're gluing 5/8" tongue and groove plywood together with another lay of 1/2" plywood on top to create 8'x8' squares.

This will give us the surface area we need to create letters that are between 7' and 8' high.

The wood piled on top will eventually be turned into bases and supports, but for now, is just helping us keep some weight on the glue.

There's about 5 letters there.

Cheap Jobmate clamps from Canadian Tire were doing a good job alongside these ones that Hiba brought from home.

Taking a break at the end of the day, next steps are all about getting the retroreflective material onto these 8'x8' sheets.

Here's the install site that we'll be working with up in Kitchener, it's going to be incredible!!.

And now, I'm writing from Calgary, where we're at the start of a residency project with TRUCK. More soon.

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We are very pleased to announce the following artists in residence for our upcoming Homework: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices AMBIEN FOR SALE, project.

These artists were selected from over 120 applicants and represent an incredibly diverse range of practices, AMBIEN used for, Doses AMBIEN work, interests, and backgrounds:

We'll be announcing our keynotes and conference participants soon, followed by further details on the entire project in the coming weeks, AMBIEN description. Discount AMBIEN, In the meantime, you should consider registering to attend the conference (ps, kjøpe AMBIEN på nett, köpa AMBIEN online. Order AMBIEN from mexican pharmacy, it's free).

HOMEWORK: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices is four-day residency, AMBIEN natural, Cheap AMBIEN no rx, two-day conference, and collaboratively-written publication aimed at generating conversation around the following:

  • alternative infrastructures, AMBIEN price, AMBIEN over the counter,

  • radical collaboration,

  • social practice, AMBIEN photos, AMBIEN recreational,

  • art implicated in social change,

  • neighbourhood-level activities,

  • city-wide imaginations,

  • site-specific curiosities,

  • tactical resistance,

  • new models for art education and research.

Facilitated by Broken City LabHOMEWORK calls on artists, scholars, writers, thinkers, and doers interested in any of the above to join us in Windsor, Ontario on October 21 and October 22, 2011.

Homework: Infrastructures & Collaboration in Social Practices is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the University of Windsor’s School of Visual Arts, and our community partner the Art Gallery of Windsor.


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Broken City Lab BUY MICROZIDE NO PRESCRIPTION, is launching a new micro-grant program and we need you to apply.

As a part of our upcoming publication, online buy MICROZIDE without a prescription, Get MICROZIDE, How to Forget the Border Completely, The Windsor-Detroit Border Crossing Micro Grant gives you the opportunity to cross the Windsor-Detroit border.  We're looking for a variety of experiences gained from crossing the border, MICROZIDE images, Generic MICROZIDE, so you can cross for whatever reason you’d like.

We want people to participate in activities that they would do if there wasn’t a border, MICROZIDE trusted pharmacy reviews, Where can i cheapest MICROZIDE online, and we want all types of people to apply. We want people to get involved who don’t cross often, MICROZIDE without prescription, MICROZIDE alternatives, who do cross often, or who have never crossed before, comprar en línea MICROZIDE, comprar MICROZIDE baratos. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, The grant is offered on a first come, first serve basis, purchase MICROZIDE online, Purchase MICROZIDE, and comes in the form of a roundtrip tunnel bus ticket.

So, where can i buy MICROZIDE online, MICROZIDE cost, if you can get to the Detroit-Windsor border, and you’re interested in participating, MICROZIDE blogs, My MICROZIDE experience, fill out the Cross-Border Micro Grant Application below.

The process is simple:

  1. Fill out the application below and wait for a response from us.

  2. We mail you the ticket.

  3. You cross the border and record your experiences through photo, online buying MICROZIDE hcl, Buy MICROZIDE from canada, video, writing, buy cheap MICROZIDE no rx, MICROZIDE brand name, etc.

  4. You submit your experience to us.

  5. We publish it in our HFBC book!

And, here's the form:


How to Forget the Border Completely is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, MICROZIDE online cod. Order MICROZIDE no prescription, . MICROZIDE mg. MICROZIDE treatment. MICROZIDE dose. MICROZIDE samples. Online buying MICROZIDE. Cheap MICROZIDE. MICROZIDE dangers. MICROZIDE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.



BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, Last night, Kevin, Josh, Sara and I sat down for an intensive work period dedicated to How to Forget the Border Completely. Our task was to place all the awesome projects we've been working on into InDesign and start visually investigating how we wanted our publication to come together, ZESTRIL pics. ZESTRIL class,

Sara gave us a run-down of all the projects. We started compiling the work into InDesign and began a list to keep track of what we had and what we needed to finish, buy ZESTRIL without prescription. Rx free ZESTRIL,

Above, Karlyn's Cross Border Communication project starts to take shape in InDesign, real brand ZESTRIL online.

Meanwhile, Kevin meticulously stitched a massive file of the border for the Ambassador Ridge project Josh has been working on, BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION. ZESTRIL reviews,

Sara and I began sketching out ideas of what the layout of each page in the publication could look like. Aware of all the revisions and critics ahead, ZESTRIL coupon, What is ZESTRIL, we decided it would be best to get as many ideas out as possible.

Josh's Border Consultancy was a tricky project to lay out in InDesign, taking ZESTRIL. ZESTRIL steet value, Each slide gives a great tip on the do's and don'ts of border crossing. BUY ZESTRIL NO PRESCRIPTION, We tried placing it in a way that kept everything legible, forcing us to sacrifice a few slides. Maybe there's a better solution, ZESTRIL from canadian pharmacy. Order ZESTRIL online overnight delivery no prescription,

Kevin's portal renderings.

We all agreed that the best way to end our work night was to do some awesome border renderings of things that we thought would make us want to cross the border more often, buying ZESTRIL online over the counter. ZESTRIL for sale, Tie dye roads and hot air balloons upon your arrival to Canada definitely had us thinking about crossing regularly. Hopefully more of these border makeovers will surface in the next couple of days, buy ZESTRIL online no prescription. Low dose ZESTRIL, Still lots of work ahead to get this publication moving. Can't wait to meet up with the rest of the crew next week, order ZESTRIL from United States pharmacy. ZESTRIL from canada,  . ZESTRIL reviews. Comprar en línea ZESTRIL, comprar ZESTRIL baratos. ZESTRIL without a prescription. ZESTRIL without prescription. ZESTRIL from canadian pharmacy. ZESTRIL dosage. Fast shipping ZESTRIL. ZESTRIL long term. Purchase ZESTRIL online no prescription. Cheap ZESTRIL no rx. ZESTRIL steet value. Order ZESTRIL online c.o.d.

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