How to Forget the Border Completely: Publication Work Night

Last night, Kevin, Josh, Sara and I sat down for an intensive work period dedicated to How to Forget the Border Completely. Our task was to place all the awesome projects we’ve been working on into InDesign and start visually investigating how we wanted our publication to come together.

Sara gave us a run-down of all the projects. We started compiling the work into InDesign and began a list to keep track of what we had and what we needed to finish.

Above, Karlyn’s Cross Border Communication project starts to take shape in InDesign.

Meanwhile, Kevin meticulously stitched a massive file of the border for the Ambassador Ridge project Josh has been working on.

Sara and I began sketching out ideas of what the layout of each page in the publication could look like. Aware of all the revisions and critics ahead, we decided it would be best to get as many ideas out as possible.

Josh’s Border Consultancy was a tricky project to lay out in InDesign. Each slide gives a great tip on the do’s and don’ts of border crossing. We tried placing it in a way that kept everything legible, forcing us to sacrifice a few slides. Maybe there’s a better solution?

Kevin’s portal renderings.

We all agreed that the best way to end our work night was to do some awesome border renderings of things that we thought would make us want to cross the border more often. Tie dye roads and hot air balloons upon your arrival to Canada definitely had us thinking about crossing regularly. Hopefully more of these border makeovers will surface in the next couple of days.

Still lots of work ahead to get this publication moving! Can’t wait to meet up with the rest of the crew next week.


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  1. All of that looks great! I have more to add to it, Ill drop it off Saturday night.

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