In Store: The Border

Another instalment of In Store, featuring Lee Rodney discussing her Border Bookmobile project, in the multi-part documentary that our exceptionally talented friend, Daragh Sankey, has been putting together. Here’s his notes on the latest: Ed. note: Hey, it’s been a while! I did a lot of overtime and also a freelance job and had to […]

Tuesday Afternoon: Work continues, now with Postcards and the Library Cards


Lucy stopped by this morning to keep cutting. Hiba and I painted the letters. White it is. We had a lot of leftover wall paint, which means we not only have more than enough paint, but the letter faces will gain a bit of rigidity and protection since it’s epoxy paint. Hiba paints. After trying […]

Single-Use Camera Tests: Captioning the City


Kevin and Josh ventured out with a single-use camera to test what the temporary installations would look like, as we continue to prep for Thursday’s launch of the Letter Library here at CIVIC SPACE. Also, film is fun. The letters look great and the photos aren’t too bad either. They definitely have a colder tone […]

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