Sound Parachutes

Stephen Vitiello - Flutter

I have been interested in field recording and found sound as of late, but do not know of many artists. I stumbled across an experimental electronic sound artist named Stephen Vitiello. He uses atmospheric noises for most of his audio work and has worked with artists such as Tony Oursler and Julie Mehretu.

“In 1999 he was awarded a studio for six months on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center’s Tower One, where he recorded the cracking noises of the building swaying under the stress of the winds after Hurricane Floyd.”

I had a hard time finding visual documentation of his sound installations besides a short video of a project called “Flutter“, which was a collaboration with Molly Berg at the World Financial Center in NY.

I really like the idea of using the vertical space and atmosphere of a building to create sound. I can think of at least one building at the University of Windsor with the height to accomodate a project such as this.

Daniel Rozin

Daniel Rozin's Peg Mirror

Peg Mirror comprises 650 circular wooden pieces that are cut on an angle. Casting shadows by twisting and rotating, wooden pegs forming concentric circles surround a small central camera. The mirrored image produced in this work is activated by software authored by Rozin that processes video signals and breaks up imagery geometrically, seemingly pixel by pixel. The silently moving wood components in this piece flicker like jewels or coins in the spotlight, challenging our notions about what constitutes a “digital object”.”

This blew my mind, mostly because of its complexity. Making shadows work as pixels in real time is new to me. I’d love to be a part of a project like this.

Video of the Peg Mirror in action Here.

Neon Clan on the Move!

Neon Clan in Action

“They call themselves the Neon Clan. Their mission: switch off the colorful and bright neon signs that have been left on at night by shops and boutiques.
Through this sensible and non-violent action, the Neon Clan fights against the abusive use of neon advertising and the irrational consumption of energy.”

“It’s impossible to count all the activists who claim to belong to the Neon Clan. And their territory, which largely overcomes the French capital, has now reached other European countries like Belgium and the Netherlands.”


Website –

Adam5100 Stencil Work

Adam5100 Stencil Painting (Untitled)

“Adam 5100 uses knowledge of printmaking and savvy ability with spray paint in his stencil work. Each stenciled piece represents hundreds of hours of meticulous work and a fine detail–the hallmark of his work. Much of it is based on influences of classic American photography, the freedom of modern and contemporary painting, and his own fast moving imagination.”

Check out a time-lapsed video of Adam creating one of his works: