100 Ways to Save the City in PDF


Something I meant to do a while ago, but I’m doing it now… I’ve uploaded the list of 100 ways we suggested to save the city. The list ranges from the entirely possible to completely imagined, but each one might just make this city a better place, or at least make you feel a little bit better about this city.

There’s a different background colour for each of the 100 ideas, each of which was taken from a Google Map of Windsor. The colour didn’t show up so well in our projection, but it was there.

We’ll also upload the little Max patch we wrote to do the performance … it’s quite easy to use, but maybe would eventually be better to be something written in Processing?

Download the PDF for your enjoyment.

8 Replies to “100 Ways to Save the City in PDF”

  1. downloaded~ thanks!

    i think my favourite is #13 because i am very much afraid of yard sales unless i have people with me. i saw so many this summer while riding my bike in riverside that i wanted to stop at, but i was too afraid to look, lol.

    there’s something extremely uncomfortable about looking at other people’s junk that you might not like while they’re looking at your wallet like a vulture, hoping you’ll buy something when you know you won’t. maybe i just have low expectations for yard sales?

  2. #43 for planting a tree in front of your house…the city will do this for free. There is even a list of different trees to choose from. Last time I called the waiting list for this service was 1 year.

    If you are moving, order the tree now and shock the heck out of the new owners. :D

  3. Samantha, your fear of yard sales makes complete sense, it’s a very intimate thing to do and yet socially transformative. I think your expectations of yard sales is probably right on for the most part, but every once in a while, you make a great connection with someone, or find something really worthwhile amongst the junk.

    Victoria, that’s great, thanks for that info, I didn’t realize there was a service available! Too bad with the long waiting list, but I love that idea of moving and calling ahead for the tree!!

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