12 Container House

This house, made of 12 shipping containers, is included in Han Slawik’s book Container Atlas. I’m sure most people have heard of the concept of container houses in passing, but haven’t had the chance to see a successful example in detail. This particular example is pretty lavish, but the idea of using recycled structures as a shell for a home is a brilliant example of an alternative–and pretty sustainable–building technique. According to the book, this method has also been used for public buildings and small offices.

Via: We Make Money, Not Art

The structure of the interior is symmetrical with a central living room area.

Here the kitchen sits next to a large panelled door which lets in a lot of natural light.

A house is never quite complete until it has a nice, cozy reading room.

7 Replies to “12 Container House”

  1. I like! The shipping container idea has been popping up quite frequently. Interesting how cold and harsh materials can create a warm atmosphere like that. I want to snuggle with a book in that reading room. Also, I love the outside. It would satisfy my symmetrical housing needs.

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this ? Some company in Amsterdam used them to create a student housing project.

  2. Oh my! Look at how many units they were able to fit into that complex. Crazy! Were you able to find any interior shots Rosina?

    I’m most definitely going to keep an eye out for Green Corridor’s project! Maybe I’ll see if I can help out somehow.

  3. With the winding down of the global consumer culture because of rising costs of transport, you’re going to see a ton of these shipping containers available for re-use. I’m looking forward to see the Green Corridor’s idea!

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