Alley Bunting

alley bunting

An random chance to catch up with Laura, Sam, and some other folks I hadn’t seen for a while turned into this quick intervention.

As part of their OH! C.N.A.P. fun, they had made a lot of bunting for another party they had to attend, but it seemed too great to not temporarily put up somewhere in the city. So, in the alley next to Phog, the bunting was quickly strung up with the help of staples (after some difficulties with the wind), and really was an great example of what’s possible with some paper, yarn, and a amazing group of people.

Check out more photos of the process at Laura and Sam‘s flickr sets, or check out Sam’s tutorial on making the bunting, should you be so inclined to take up a similar project.

3 Responses to “Alley Bunting”
  1. samantha says:

    : ) it was so much fun making this and stringing it up. i think guerilla bunting will be the new guerilla knitting for me. i definitely want to make some of this specifically to put up in the city. i just need to think of some good phrases to stamp on them.

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