Anxious to Explore the Border Bookmobile’s Winter Reading Room

I stopped by the Ecohouse today (where our collective studio is housed) to check out one of our new neighbours — The Border Bookmobile Winter Reading Room. Collected and curated by Border Bookmobile founder, Lee Rodney, the books assembled as part of the winter reading room are going to be incredible helpful for our upcoming How to Forget the Border Completely research project.

I did a quick tour of the collection, though I anticipate that we’ll all be getting a lot better acquainted in the coming weeks.

As noted above, if you want to get a look at the reading room, you should contact Lee.

The collection of books is spread across a desk, some shelves and some of these compact stools. As all of this is normally housed in the back of a Plymouth Voyager, the room is filled out with its corresponding bench seats. The book at the top of the pile is the one I’ve mentioned in some of my recent artist talks, Garden Gateway, a book on Windsor from the 1960s.

The Border Bookmobile logo with some of the recent acquisitions — a mix of theoretical texts, historical accounts, and fiction.

Shelf 2

Shelf 3… with the catalogue from the Shrinking Cities exhibition and a postcard from the Detroit UnReal Estate Agency.

A book that I donated to the collection — This Is Detroit: 250 Years in Pictures.

Many of the books also have coloured bookmarks to correspond with this subject index.

There’s also some books from Lee’s Border Culture class, which I GA’ed a couple years ago and which Michelle took just last semester I think.

This book is by Mike Macron — an excellent dude and assistant to Lee’s Border Bookmobile antics.

This is one of Mike’s projects, which I think they did at either the Downtown Farmer’s Market this summer or at one of the Riverside parks — at any rate, it was a quick survey to gauge Windsorites’ relationship with the city to the north.

So, there’s lots to see … I’m sure we’ll be exploring some more on Friday. By the way, who has a scanner?

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  1. This looks really cool! What an awesome resource. Maybe I can check it out next time I’m in Windsor.

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