BCL Report – Nov 1, 2008

In preparation of our upcoming Tetris Tournament / Wheat Paste Demo / Sticker Making Party, we had made a list of supplies and had set out to find the goods at (what we thought) was an obvious choice—Value Village. At the top of our list was a hot plate, Tetris for SNES, and supplies for making a trophy. However, after nearly 4 hours of searching, those things remain on our list… instead we found other treasures…

our first thought for the controller trophy

Initially on the lookout for a hot plate at Value Village, we briefly considered other appliances that got hot, like sandwich makers (of which VV has plenty), but then moved on to the ‘Electronics’ section. There we found many old controllers and joysticks, NHL games a plenty for SNES, but no Tetris. We left this beauty of a controller where we found it, assuming we could do better at the next location.

cash converters had no love for Tetris

Thinking Cash Converters would certainly have a copy of Tetris on their shelves, we peered through the glass, only to find many things, but not the one thing we wanted. In retrospect, I wonder if we should’ve picked up that copy of Ceasars Palace…

nintendo controllers, potentially for our trophy, but we left them

Moving on to the next VV, we found these two original Nintendo controllers, spending a considerable amount of time debating about what would make a good trophy. We also did not find any SNES games, but we must’ve been in that store for nearly half an hour… I think somehow being around all this stuff sucked the life out of our brains.

walkie talkies

Danielle briefly flirted with the idea of these walkie-talkies becoming part of the BCL arsenal, remarking that these would likely have been made better than any new ones we could find elsewhere.

Danielle and Michelle armed and ready to wheat paste covertly

After talking our way through the trophy dilemma (I think we came up with a much better solution than trying to make a trophy), we headed over to Dollarama. Somewhere through our discussion we came up with the idea of using those soap dispensing, sponge-tipped things to apply wheat paste to various surfaces, so we picked up a few of those, as well as refills.

the t-shirts that are crazy cheap at Michaels

Then, somehow we ended up at Michaels. We couldn’t really determine why we had went there, I think originally it had something to do with the trophy we were no longer making. While we were there, we drifted over to the textiles section and picked up some t-shirts and ink. Please note the label above, which was attached to the shirts we purchased.

the bounty

The results of our excursion—many things, but none of the things for which we initially set out.

Our first Broken City Lab t-shirt design, the back of it anyways

And then, after returning home, mostly exhausted, we decided we needed to make the design for our t-shirts. This will be the back, the front will remain top secret for the moment. We are still looking for a copy of Tetris for SNES, please let us know via email or in the comments below if you have a copy!!!